Monday, September 19, 2016

Bangkok Street Mookata @ Jurong West

In our quest to complete our Pokedexes, the hubby and bunny stumbled across Bangkok Street Mookata, which is a stone’s throw from a well-known Pikachu nest (at least for now, before the nest change) in the west.
Bangkok Street Mookata 
The stall is within a 24-hr coffee shop
The place is packed at dinner time
We first smelled the heavenly aroma of sizzling meats while on a serious Pokemon hunt at night (the place opens till 3am) The next day, this bunny dragged er.. convinced my parents to join us for dinner. Apparently, this place has pretty good reviews and is seriously packed during peak hours!

Staff will set up the table as you sit down

Prices are pretty reasonable at $39.90 for a 4-person set which includes items like crayfish, prawns, liver, pork, chicken, crab sticks and vegetables.

Included in the 4-person set. Half for each person.  

Cooking items included in the 4-person set

Fresh & succulent
Part of the 4-person set can be seen in the background

In addition to the set, we ordered ala carte items (priced between $1.90 – $3.90) as well. My only complaint was that the scallops could be cleaned better as I could taste grits of sand.

Ala-carte items we ordered

Ala-carte cuttlefish
The star of this mookata has to be their dipping sauce. It's spicy and tangy and goes well with the meats and seafood.

For a hawker center stall, I wasn’t having any delusions about service. We were staring at the table and each other for a while before our (raw) food reached us. I still find it a worthwhile visit with their delicious dipping sauce and soup base, fresh ingredients and reasonable price point.

Bangkok Street Mookata - Jurong West
Blk 498 Jurong West St 41
#01-426 Singapore 640498
Tel: 9655 5771

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