Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pasta J [Pet Friendly]

The bunny with hubby and Pixie was at Pasta J last Saturday and it was a really positive experience. While the location isn’t the most convenient to get to, since we stay in the west, the trip was all worth it.

Pasta J
The moment we arrived, we were ushered to our table by a chirpy lady. A big plus point for me was that they welcomed my little pooch Pixie and even presented her with a bowl of ice cool water, even without me asking!

Pixie is mighty happy with her bowl of ice water!
The whole atmosphere at Pasta J was really upbeat, with friendly staff who were attentive and friendly throughout our visit.
Pasta J is known for their Pesto, so I had to try it. I ended up with the Pesto Pasta with prawns and baby squid ($22.90). Sure enough, the Pesto did not disappoint. It was fresh, with the right notes of nuttiness. The prawns were a tad dry but the baby squid was flame grilled to perfection with a slight charred exterior.

Pesto Pasta with prawns. The staff initially forgot about the squid in my order so it was served separately.
Toasted squid as Pasta J calls it
The hubby, a mac and cheese fan, ordered the Mad Mac & Cheese 3.0 ($16.90), served with pork sausage patty. While it was not the best Mac & Cheese we tasted (we would have preferred a stronger cheese taste), it is still fairly decent and the ingredients were really generous. There was a heaping amount of bacon and pork in every single bite, yet the taste was not at all overwhelming.

Mad Mac & Cheese 3.0
We also had the Home-made thick cut bacon ($10.90). The pork belly was cooked till crispy on the outside and offered a good chewy texture on the inside. It was also well seasoned and had a good balance of sweetness and saltiness.

Thick Cut Bacon

Pasta J charges 10% service charge but there is no GST. Click here for the menu.
Pasta J
205 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574345
Tel: 9004 1800

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