Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Cashback, FoodPanda coupons and more with ShopBack

As those who know me personally would be aware, the bunny is a hopeless online shopping addict. I shop online for almost everything, including groceries (RedMart is really convenient when it comes to buying drinks - no more heavy lifting from the supermarket!) and my expenses on shopping eats up a hefty portion of my pay each month.

I was invited to try ShopBack, a site that offers you cash back when you shop online. If you're like me, always trying to save a few bucks, you should give it a go too. Such cash back sites are very popular overseas so I'm really happy for a local site. The bunny had previously tried and received a cheque from U.S. based cash back site, Ebates, but the admin fee for cashing the cheque was even higher than the value of the cheque, so whatever I earned was wasted.  With ShopBack, the cash back earned goes straight into your local bank account or Paypal! Hooray!

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ShopBack offers another service which the bunny values during online shopping - coupons! My current favorite are the latest Burger King coupons. (Yes, the bunny secretly loves fast food too!) There are a number of coupons for restaurants listed, with delivery powered by FoodPanda, perfect for those days that you just don't want to head out into the crowd and the only exercise you have in mind is tapping the keyboard. You can see all deals for dining here. If your interest is concentrated solely on shopping, a selection of merchant coupons is also available. Click to view the latest coupons at ShopBack.

In conclusion, the bunny found ShopBack to be a great shopping tool that helps to save $$ while online shopping and shows the latest Singapore deals! Just remember, you have to click on the store you are making purchases through ShopBack and get redirected to the store's website in order for the cash back to work. For more details, check out ShopBack's tutorial and start shopping smarter. 


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