Monday, May 30, 2016

Pokemon Cafe Singapore @ Bugis

From 27 May - 31 July, EwF at Bugis Junction is transformed into a pop-up Pokémon Café. While the wait on the first day of its opening averaged 5 hours, the bunny and (sorta reluctant) hubby decided to go for it and brave the queue this afternoon.

Pokémon Café in Singapore

When we reached the cafe at 12 noon, the queue was already snaking. Our starting point was just slightly before the signboard that says "100 minutes from this point". However, we soon realized that this is only an estimate and it's really off the mark! We waited for a whopping 170 mins before we finally reached the start of the queue!

There were a number of such signs to indicate waiting time along the line
The long road to reach the Café
If you are only interested in the merchandise brought in for the opening of the Café, breathe easy as you can simply breeze right in and take your pick of Pokémon goodies. There's a couple of Pokémon Café exclusive items such as stickers, folders, keychains and also previously released Pokémon Center stationary from the Oops collection, to name some of the items on sale.

Pikachu mascots & stickers

One of our orders, the Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette with Magma Sauce ($25) comes with a Pokéball mug that can be brought home. It's the same design that's used for serving the sauce of the dish. The upbeat staff ensured that we collected the mug at the counter before we were guided to our seats. While there were only 4 mains on the menu, we still waited quite a while before the Rice Omelette arrived. Sadly, it was a visual treat, but not a tasty one. The rice was undercooked!

Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette with Magma Sauce ($25)
Magma Sauce - It's pink(!) and tastes like watery Indian curry 

The Pokémon Café Truffle Fries ($12.00) was thankfully a lot more easy to stomach, though I wouldn't exactly recommend it as well. The fries are similar to EwF's usual offering. The potato slices with Mudkip, Torchic & Treeko seared on are, however, disappointingly oily and soggy.

The Truffle fries comes with garlic slices and Parmesan cheese. Served with ketchup & mayo as a Pokéball
Surprise! Le random Pikachu appears as you munch on the fries
For drinks, we ordered Volt Tackle ($10), a passion fruit soda served with mango sherbet. I was quite upset that my Pikachu had already melted and had super short ears as it reached my table. On the positive side, the drink is very refreshing, without being overly sour. Also, the popping candy adds a pleasant zing. 

My Pikachu kinda looks more like a pig here :(

Overall, the Pokémon Café is a good place to visit once if you are a Pokémon fan or to marvel at the cuteness of Pokémon (or to get the exclusive Pokémon Café Pikachu code). If you're looking for decent eats, avoid this place like the plague!

Pokémon Cafe Singapore
#04-05, Bugis Junction
200 Victoria St, Singapore 188021

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