Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Discovering Airfrov first caught this bunny's eye when I was researching and prepping for my virgin Japan trip (of course, to see what to shop for) earlier in October. It's a rather new start-up that matches shoppers to travellers to buy and bring back your stuff. The idea certainly isn't new, I'm pretty sure most of us had asked our friends/relatives/colleagues to buy something back when they travel, but this platform helps to expand this circle of "friends" so that you can get that oh-so-elusive item that is not available in Singapore. Yes, you read it right - Airfrov only works for Singapore currently.

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Making a request on Airfrov is actually quite easy. Just click on the "Post Request" button to fill in what you want to buy. From here, fill in the details of the item you want, where to buy, your collection method, and how much you are willing to pay for it.

What you want
Where to get the item and your collection method
How much to pay
Alternatively, just click on the "+" button on someone else's request to copy it.

Be warned though, there are some travellers who are jacking up prices. Try to gauge on your own how much is the item in the first place. For example, in my recent request, I stated that I was willing to pay $70 for travellers in South Korea to get me the Anna Sui x Starbucks bottle and there was this traveller who tried to increase it to $105 and then $100 after I rejected his/her!

Some person trying his luck to make a quick buck. Luckily I had a traveller matching my offer later.
For travellers, if you would like to help someone, just click on the offer to help button at the bottom of each request. Put in your offer price and when you are heading back to Singapore.

Screen grab from Airfrov 

Of course, Airfrov charges a fee for this platform. While the buyer can ultimately decide how much to offer the traveller for the item, Airfrov adds an additional 7% + $2 to the final cost. Again using my recent request for a Anna Sui x Starbuck bottle at $70 as example, my final cost came up to $76.90. In this case, $70 goes to the traveller and $6.90 to Airfrov.

Get $5 credit when you key in the referral code AK58Y!

36 Purvis Street #02-15 Singapore 188613

Tel: +65 9335 3383


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