Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sun Ray Cafe [Pet Friendly]

Continuing on our pet-friendly cafe hopping journey, the bunny discovered Sun Ray Cafe, which incidentally, turned out to be a real gem.

Sun Ray has a dedicated section for poochies and their owners and a separated area just for humans within the compound. The area is also quite spacious, which gives Pixie ample space to roam and make new doggy friends.

Pixie and the hubby
I have to say that Sun Ray really embraces our pets, unlike some other joints that merely tolerate the presence of our 4-legged friends. It's a bigggg biggg plus for me that we do not have to be seated in the elements outdoors.. (Yay! Air-con!). Service staff is a little on the slow side and it can be hard at times to grab their attention, but I am happy that they were totally comfortable with my fur-pal.

The cafe serves artisan coffee that keeps the hubby happy. The coffee beans are roasted in-house and the Metrosexual ($5) we ordered was really aromatic. The quality of the coffee was way worth it's price tag!

Food wise, we had the Truffle Fries ($10) for starters. Each shoestring fry is deep-fried to golden crunchiness, coated with truffle oil and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. The earthly fragrance of truffle simply wafts up our nostrils when the fries reached our table. Yums!

Truffle fries
This visit, the Mr. had the Lamb Shank ($18). The meat was tender but a tad too strong smelling for my liking. The fresh herbs within the dish did not manage to fully mask the lamb odor.

Lamb shank
The bunny thoroughly enjoyed my order of Chicken ($14), which is everything roasted chicken should be - moist, tender meat with crisp skin that is so very lightly charred. I love how the dish is garnished with fresh rosemary to add a warm, herb-y scent.

To end off the meal, we had the Vanilla Rainbow Cake slice. Not only does the cake look pretty, it has a crumbly texture and sinfully buttery richness that is sooooo addictive.

Rainbow cake
Even Pixie enjoyed herself at Sun Ray. We ordered the Homemade Cream Cheese Salmon Roll ($12) for the picky pup and she almost finished everything.

Sun Ray Cafe
79 Brighton Crescent
Singapore 559218

Tel: 6283 8700

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