Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happenstance Cafe [Pet friendly]

Happenstance Cafe was another location where the bunny, hubby and Pixie visited while cafe hopping. The bunny had heard a lot of good reviews about Happenstance from fellow doggy owners so I was actually quite excited about this little excursion.

Unfortunately, the bunny's first impression of the cafe isn't a good one. There is no safety precaution to prevent pets from running out of the cafe and onto the main road! I was sitting near the door and in a short span of 1/2 hour, I've seen at least 2 dogs run out. While the white fence and glass door opens in opposing directions, there's no protection at all when people are coming in or leaving the cafe.

Front door at Happenstance
Little Pixie checking the cafe out from behind the table.
The cafe is definitely a hit with fur-parents. The cafe was really packed and all the tables were taken - good thing we made a reservation in advance.

Interior of Happenstance Cafe
It took a while to attract the attention of the staff when we wanted to order. Now, I would totally get it if they were busy attending to other customers. However, what the bunny observed was a couple of staff crowding round the counter, seemingly in a deep, laughter-inducing conversation and back-facing the customers.

I was aiming for the Zucchini Lamb Lasagne ($14.50), and the hubby was looking at ordering the Cottage Pie ($10.90). Unfortunately, we were duly informed that both were out that day. Would it kill you to let us know before we order? Geez... Then, the staff just left us alone to make up our minds again.

The hubby settled for Happenstance Signature Burger ($14.90) and Cheezy Wedges ($8) to share. The overall taste of the burger was alright, but the meat was a tad too dry.

Happenstance Signature Burger
As for the wedges, it was nothing out of the ordinary really. The bunny also found it to be a wee bit soggy when we reached the wedges at the bottom of the pile.

Cheezy Wedges
In the end, what I had was the Create-your-own Happenstance Pasta ($8.90). My selection was linguine in cream sauce, with mushrooms, chicken sausage and mozzarella cheese. You can view all the available choices in the pasta menu below.

Create your own pasta menu
My pasta arrived piping hot and was topped with a generous amount of cheese. The cream sauce was heavy and sinfully rich. It was good for the first few bites but I started to get sick of it afterwards.

The bunny's version of Create-your-own Happenstance pasta
Look at the cheese!
It was a good thing that I ordered the Lover's Rose ($5.50) tea. The tea carried a refreshing floral scent and a slight tartness, which definitely helped to wash away the heaviness of the pasta and cleanse the palate.

Lover's Rose
After the visit to Happenstance, my question still remains unanswered.. Why is Happenstance so popular? Food was so-so and service was mediocre. If you ask if I'm ever going to make a return visit, I would say most probably not.

Happenstance Cafe
35 Opal Crescent
Singapore 328425

Tel: 6341 7871

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