Friday, February 6, 2015

CNY Warehouse Sale @ Hosen

Since the bunny is currently jobless, I decided to take mummy for on a trip to Hosen's warehouse sale. The company holds a warehouse sale annually, just before Chinese New Year. They mainly carry canned foods, with brands such as Highway, Fortune and of course, Hosen.

Main entrance to Hosen Group

The place was pretty much impossible to miss since giant cans decorated the exterior of the warehouse. Pretty cute, actually...

Giant cans at the entrance that helped to guide the way
Another view of the giant can...
Canned foods are obviously the star of the sale. Lots of varieties are available here!

The warehouse sale
To be honest, I have never seen some of the canned fruit variants. For example, the canned attap seed, jackfruit and palm fruit were totally new to me. The prices of the canned foods were definitely better than NTUC Fairprice's (I was comparing on my mobile phone based on Fairprice's website.. Aunty right?).

Some of the canned fruits available
 Besides, canned foods, there's also stuff like seafood, condiments (the Tabasco sauce was a steal too), soft drinks and snacks. Check out pictures below for an idea (and prices)...

Seafood in fridges
Soft drinks at $9 per carton. Not sure if it's cheap, but i grabbed a box of Dr. Peppers 'cuz they are so difficult to find.
CNY goodies
Tuna, condiments and convenience food
The Hosen warehouse sale is at 267 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128439 and lasts till 15 Feb. Opening hours of the sale are 9am - 6pm on weekdays/ 8am - 6pm on weekends.

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