Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ah B cafe [Pet friendly]

The hubby and bunny are spending all our time this weekend hopping cafes - pet friendly cafes that is! With Pixie, our little, er.. not so little anymore, Japanese Spitz in tow, Ah B cafe was our destination today.

The place is not too difficult to find and there's ample parking space just outside the cafe. It's also one of the rare pet cafes situated in the west, which is good news for the bunny (petrol is expensive you know)

The interior of the cafe is simple and most of the area is furnished with wooden tables and chairs. However, there's a sofa area available and a raised platform area where humans and pets can jump onto oversized beanbags! First come, first served! Best of all, the place is spacious enough for the furries to run and play.

Platform area

Pixie making herself at home
Sofa area next to the raised patform
Since the bunny was still suffering the effects of a cold, I opted for a cup of steaming Orchid Vanilla tea. The teas served at Ah B are from Tea Forte and even with my slightly blocked nose, I could still detect the waft of floral and sweet vanilla scents from the tea.

Food wise, I would say the pooches have it better... Most of the food on the menu has been blanked off and there's really very little selection.

The hubby had the All American Breakfast with scrambled eggs ($18.80). It was alright, but no wows here.
All American Breakfast
The bunny on the other hand tried the Eggs Benedict ($14.80) and I would really not recommend it to anyone. The hollandaise sauce was slightly lumpy and had an overdose of lemon juice. Of the 2 poached eggs on my plate, 1 was overcooked and the yolk was too hard and the other, too undercooked and the whites were still watery.

Eggs Benedict
Ah B cafe does not serve food for man's best friends, but diners can order from Pawlicious, just next door. I have to say the Tuna Pizza ($13.80 for large) smelled heavenly to me. Pixie actually wolfed down 2 slices and that's a first for my picky dog!

Tuna Pizza from Pawlicious
Ah B Cafe
110 Turf Club Road, 
Singapore 288000

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