Thursday, October 2, 2014

Charles & Keith and Pedro Warehouse Sale 2014

Charles & Keith and Pedro are having their warehouse sale from 2 - 5 Oct 2014! Being the kiasu bunny that I am, how could I miss this out?

The bunny was at 6 Tai Seng Link this morning, and boy, the queues were snaking! Apparently, the bunny was not the only one up early. The queue to enter the sale was long, the queues to view the bags were long and the queue to pay was also long!

The queue to enter the sale
Kudos to Charles & Keith, despite the sweltering heat, most members of the staff were friendly, cheerful and genuinely helpful. Crowd control was also quite well done, even though the bunny did experience some unavoidable pushing and shoving - you know how excited some people can get during sales.

I ended up with 4 huge bags of purchases! 5 pairs of shoes, 2 belts, and 2 handbags. Total damage: $220.

And of course, Pixie the puppy couldn't resist getting curious about the bags
Loots from the sale!
I have to say, this is one sale that this bunny doesn't regret going! Heels and other types of shoes are going at prices less than 30 bucks a pair and the selection at the sale was quite substantial. Not forgetting about the men, there's also a dedicated section for Pedro shoes and accessories like belts and wallets.

Charles & Keith Group Headquarters
6 Tai Seng Link
Singapore 534101
2 - 5 Oct 2014, 10am - 8pm

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  1. I bought a pair of shoes from Pedro. The leather is very very hard and of very bad quality. I contacted customer care and asked them to fix this issue. They asked me to visit the store and get the shoe expanded. Nothing worked, and I threw the shoes away. I went back a second time to the store and bought a shoe. There was a problem again. After a few walks, the leather feels very hard and your feet are full of blisters. Unresponsive customer care team who are not willing to accept anything.

    The recommended 'value added service' and their reply was 'however, you may be pleased to know that our boutiques offers expansion and waxing services which will give the shoe a better fitting, hence do visit any of our boutiques with the pair of shoes and allow our colleagues to assist you with the value added services.


    Please refrain from buying Pedro Shoes. They are terrible! Go for Geox, Hush Puppies, or any other brand, but not Pedro.