Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review on Renatus Photography

If you have read the bunny's ROM post last year, you would have noticed that the hubby & I engaged Kelvin from Renatus Photography as our photographer.

Well, the hubby and I were so disappointed with our pre-wed pictures that we decided to get another photographer. We got to look at our photos in June and 3 months down the road, I'm still seething whenever I look the pictures.

The following review is without bias and based on true facts.

- Have specifically mentioned since day 1 that we wanted vibrant colors. Jurong Lake was one of our outdoor locations and the shots there all have yellowish hue AND Kelvin tried to blame us for this because we chose to go in the late morning and the sunlight was "too strong"

Dead and dying yellow trees?
- There were no alternate perspectives in the pictures. Basically, all photos were taken from the same height, from the front, people side-by-side which simply looked boring and dead. Again, he blamed us for boring photos because we did not prepare props. I counted and here are the stats - 28 pictures were of us standing/sitting on the left of the picture with the 2/3 of the picture being the scenery (24%), 13 pictures were of us standing/sitting on the right of the picture with the 2/3 of the picture being the scenery (11%). So in total, 1/3 people, 2/3 scenery pictures take up 35% of the options

- For pre-wedding pictures, Kelvin's focus seemed to be more on the flora and fauna and structures rather than us, the wedding couple. I describe it as "Look ma, I was taking the trees and shelter but two people were there, so I was trying hard not to focus on them or to take them in the photo."

Case in point of focus being on the trees rather than humans
- Out of the 116 pictures given, 115 + 116 are of a light painting that is not completed after one month and there were multiple repeats (same picture, different color). Essentially, we were given less than 100 photos to choose from.

What made it worse - or the straw that broke the camel's back, was Kelvin's snarky attitude when I called him about my feedback on the photos. He was downright rude. To quote, he said "The photos I gave you look PERFECTLY FINE." Hellooooo... if they were fine I wouldn't be calling you right?

To be fair, there were a couple of photos from Kelvin that looked good, but one thing I can't stand to work with is horrible attitude, especially when I'm paying.

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