Sunday, September 28, 2014

Puppy grooming @ Petopia

The bunny and hubby busied ourselves with bringing Pixie for a MUCH NEEDED grooming session this evening.

See how messed up Pixie's fur is?
I have to say - I'm pretty impressed by their level of service! Since it's our first visit, Petopia sent me a text message to tell me the stylist who would be in-charge of Pixie's fur-cut 2 days in advance and followed up with a phone call the next day. Geez.. even the bunny's beautician doesn't do that..

Petopia is located near Yeo Chu Kang and is rather inaccessible unless you drive. There are no designated car park lots so just park in front of Petopia. I found out the hard way that the restaurants next to the pet groomer are kinda protective of the space before their shops and will try to shoo your car away unless you are patronizing them.

Pixie's assigned stylist was Tyler. He was really patient and even spent some time to get to know the puppy better before starting the grooming process. What really had me sold about Petopia was that Pixie was actually SMILING when her nails were cut and that's no easy feat!

Pixie looking totally relaxed while cutting nails
The place carries their own line of grooming products, Pure Blyss, as well as treats. I was quite surprised to see novel meats like horse and kangaroo and couldn't resist getting a pack of dehydrated horse meat for the little doggy.

Dehydrated horse meat treat
At the groomer's suggestion, we also got a bottle of the Calendula Healing Ear Oil ($26.90). It smells heavenly and is supposed to soothe the ear canals. Now, I'm just hoping that the puppy allows me to drip it in her ears...

Pure Blyss Calendula Healing Ear Oil
After the grooming, Pixie looks so much neater and whiter!
Pixie after grooming. Grouchy look cause she's sleepy

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