Sunday, September 28, 2014

Puppy grooming @ Petopia

The bunny and hubby busied ourselves with bringing Pixie for a MUCH NEEDED grooming session this evening.

See how messed up Pixie's fur is?
I have to say - I'm pretty impressed by their level of service! Since it's our first visit, Petopia sent me a text message to tell me the stylist who would be in-charge of Pixie's fur-cut 2 days in advance and followed up with a phone call the next day. Geez.. even the bunny's beautician doesn't do that..

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nara Thai @ Westgate

Nara Thai Cuisine is an up-market restaurant in Thailand and has been consistently voted as Thailand’s Best Restaurant by Tatler. Currently, they have 3 branches in Bangkok and 2 in Singapore - Ion Orchard and Westgate.

The bunny is a lucky girl since Westgate is a stone throw away from my place and it's really convenient for me to satisfy my craving for authentic Thai food . I've actually visited Nara Thai a couple of times for lunch already since they opened a few months back.

Nara Thai Cuisine @ Westgate

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review on Renatus Photography

If you have read the bunny's ROM post last year, you would have noticed that the hubby & I engaged Kelvin from Renatus Photography as our photographer.

Well, the hubby and I were so disappointed with our pre-wed pictures that we decided to get another photographer. We got to look at our photos in June and 3 months down the road, I'm still seething whenever I look the pictures.

The following review is without bias and based on true facts.

Sorry for the hiatus!

Dear BunnySays readers, I'm really really sorry for the 2-month hiatus and without warning too! *knocks myself on the head*

Life has crazy lately. With the wedding preparations, furniture shopping for the new house and adding a puppy to the mix, it has been nothing short of a whirlwind each and everyday...
I have lots of posts to catch up on and I promise it's not going to take so long this time.

Meanwhile, if you like puppy pictures, head on to Pixie's Facebook page to check out how the little rascal is driving me nuts, in a good way of course!