Sunday, June 22, 2014

Halal Thai Food @ Bumbu, Kandahar Street

The bunny was meeting up with an Indian Muslim friend over the week and we decided on Bumbu, a Halal Thai restaurant that we've both heard about, but never tried.

Bumbu's signboard

There's two storeys at Bumbu and we were seated at the upper level. The place is kind of cluttered with artifacts that seemed to have withstood time and trigger memories of Singapore's colonial past. While it is slightly cramped, there are dividers across adjacent tables to maintain some semblance of privacy.

Decor on the second level
The dining area

Peranakan influence is evident at Bumbu, be it the decor or the menu. One of the first dishes we ordered was the Tahu Telor ($8.00). The tofu had a crispy coating and was incredible silky. It literally slid down my throat. The golden egg strands, on the other hand, was cackling loudly while I chewed and gave off the most drool-inducing egg-y fragrance.

Tahu Telor
Tom Yum soup has to be one of the most iconic dish of the Thai cuisine, so how could we miss that? We had the Tom Yum Seafood ($8.80) which serves two, perfect for our little meetup. Bumbu's rendition of the Tom Yum is a tomato-y based soup with mellow heat. Personally, I would have preferred something with more kick - sour and spicy. On the bright side, the chefs were certainly generous with the ingredients. Just look at the prawns, squid and chunks of fish meat present in the picture below.

Tom Yum Seafood
The Cashew Nut Chicken ($10.80) was our choice of meats and we did not regret it. The diced chicken was cooked at high heat to produce a crunchy exterior with succulent juicy insides. In addition, the nutty aroma from the cashews did well to complement the meat. Just a note of advice - finish up the chicken fast! We noticed that it gets chewy as it cools.

Cashew Nut Chicken
Our selection of carbs was the Olive Fried Rice ($8.00). It wasn't bad, but it didn't shine. The olive taste was subtle enough to not overwhelm, but the rice grains were a tad too dry for my liking. The serving was too much for us to finish.

Olive Fried Rice
Bumbu Restaurant
44 Kandahar Street Singapore 198897

Tel: 639BUMBU / 63928628, 63921570 

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