Friday, March 21, 2014

PasarBella @ Marina Bay Sands

Tonight, the bunny and hubby were at the Marina Bay Sands area - to have a look-see at the light art from the i Light Marina Bay festival. 

Happy Croco display at i Light Marina Bay
The hubby was fully armed with his DSLR, tripod and other photography whatnots. However, our first mission was to find some grub to fill our tummies. We decided to get our sustenance from PasarBella, which is now temporarily set up at Event Plaza at Marina Bay Sands.

PasarBella @ Marina Bay Sands
Vendors that are at the Waterfront bring with them fresh produce, cooked foods and lifestyle/novelty goods; Dutch Colony Coffee, James' Butchery, Oceans Of Seafood, Sea Salt Caribbean Deli, Shabby Chic, Tangy Tangerines, To Be Calm, Aumm and Vespucci & Sons are all here. 

A picture speaks a thousand words, so I'll let the photos below do the talking...

Area where PasarBella is at...
Lovely ambience and customers can enjoy the salty sea breeze while chilling/dining...
Oceans of Seafood
Choices of oysters, king prawns, bamboo clams, Boston lobsters, king crabs
James Grill
BBQ meats
Keith Crackling Roast
Roasted pork and honey pork
Vespucci & Sons just right next to Keith Crackling Roast
Goods of Desire
Novelty items
Free manicure anyone?
The first item the hubby bought, and brought to the table was the Roasted pork and honey pork combo ($16) from Keith Crackling Roast. I have to say, the roasted pork really lives up to it's name! The skin of the roasted pork was incredibly crispy and produced loud crunch sounds when chewed. The honey pork isn't too bad either - it was well-marinated and very tender. The taste of the honey pork very much resembles the Chinese char siew. 

L to R: Honey pork and roasted pork, served with apple sauce and cucumber slices
The bunny got the Salmon fish and chips ($18) from Sea Salt Caribbean Deli, which was located at the far end of the PasarBella space. The fish was cooked just right and moist in the centre. However, it was very greasy. The chips fared much worse and were soaking in oil.

Pan fried salmon served with homemade mayo, plantain and yam chips and sweet potato fries 
The Grilled lamb chops ($29.90) from James Butchery made the hubby's day, or dinner rather. The lamb chops were grilled to perfection with the middle still slightly pink and the outside slightly charred. The meat was tender and succulent. The lamb-y odour was on the strong side though.

Grilled lamb chops with brown sauce, mashed potato and salad greens
PasarBella will only be at the Marina Bay Waterfront for the duration of i Light Marina Bay 2014. Their last day will be March 30, Sunday.

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