Tuesday, March 25, 2014

PARK @ Holland Village

After PARK made it to one of the top 5 places for best mac and cheese in Singapore by Lifestyle Asia, the bunny and hubby decided to make a trip to Holland V. Undoubtedly, this comfort food holds a special place in our hearts and we were hoping that PARK's version will knock our socks off.

PARK @ Holland Village
The place was pretty small and the hubby and I were assigned to al fresco seats on our visit. Boy.. It was WARM!

We got the Sweet Touch Lychee Beer ($13), but it didn't manage to help us cool off very much. The hot weather also caused the beer to heat up rather quickly.

Lychee beer
The Truffled Mac & Cheese ($12) was what we came for. It was served piping hot with the top crust lightly browned and crispy. Each elbow macaroni was coated with creamy cheese sauce infused with truffle oil. The truffle oil added earthy flavors to the dish and lent a twist of luxury and sophistication to the usually humble, homely mac and cheese. The truffle fragrance was on the strong side - I like truffle so I'm alright, but the hubby felt that it was a tad too overwhelming.

Truffled Mac & Cheese
Other than the mac & cheese, we also ordered the Smoked Duck Foccacia ($15.50). The sandwich is made with smoked duck slices, lettuce, onion rings, tomato and cucumber slices, melted Emmental cheese and a mixed berry sauce. The foccacia bread was toasted to a crisp and the smoke duck slices were thick and generous. The mixed berry sauce did well to complement the duck, giving the sandwich a sweet-savoury taste. However, the sauce also soaked through the bread kinda quickly, rendering the foccacia into a soggy mess. The sandwiches at PARK comes with 2 sides - we picked the Mash and Pesto Tomato Salad. 

Smoked Duck Foccacia
The bunny initially had some trouble locating the place as it doesn't show up on my car's GPS and Google Maps. In the end, we found out that PARK is a standalone in Holland Village Park, erm.. field that is near Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank. Set your GPS to one of the banks mentioned if you're intending to visit - it's way easier!

PARK at Holland Village
281 Holland Ave, #01-01
Singapore, Singapore 278996

Tel: 9721 3815

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