Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary

Hello Kitty turns 40 in 2014!

The folks at Sanrio seem to have put in loads of overtime to crank out even more than usual kawaii Hello Kitty merchandise in celebration. There's even a website dedicated to this event (http://kitty40th.sanrio.co.jp/).

Screengrab from kitty40th.sanrio.co.jp

So far, my fave is 40th Alice Kitty Series. There's just something about Alice in Wonderland to bring me back to my childhood days. I'm dying to get the limited edition plush but it's wayyyy out of my budget... *drools*

Alice Kitty Series
Even Singapore's very own Singpost has jumped on the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary bandwagon with a series of Hello Kitty stamps to commemorate the occasion. I have a bone to pick with Singpost, but I can't deny that the stamps are a tinsy bit tempting... 

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Mystamp Bundle Set

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