Tuesday, February 11, 2014

363 Katong Laksa @ Holland V

The hubby and bunny were on our way to SOSD's adoption drive at Biopolis when we decided to head for some chow first. Lunch was at 363 Katong Laksa, not anywhere near Katong, but located in Holland Village.

Shop front of 363 Katong Laksa
363 Katong Laksa not only serves laksa, as per it's namesake, but also Nasi Lemak. It's one of those places which the bunny frequents when the craving for sinful food hits.

The order process here is definitely at the forefront of technology. There's 4 iPads stations (2 on each side of the stall) and customers diners just have click on what they would like on the iPad. Next, pick up a beeper that's just beside. When the beeper bleeps, collect and pay for your food at the cashier counter.

iPad  ordering station
In the bunny's own humble opinion, the laksa ($4) here is one of the best in the West. Based on my past trips, the laska is always served piping hot and the gravy is thick and rich with loads of coconut milk in it. The spice factor of the laksa tends to the milder side. For those who prefer more kick, there's a container of chilli on every table. Each bowl comes with generous amounts of sliced fish cake, cockles, prawns and chopped laksa leaves. Like other Katong laksa, the thick beehoon noodles are cut into short pieces so they can be easily scooped up with a spoon. There's absolutely no chopsticks to be found in this stall.

This visit, both the bunny and hubby decided to go for the Nasi Lemak. There's the chicken wing or chicken thigh sets ($5) available and customers can choose to customize the set or to order ala carte. It's the chicken thigh set with additional brinjal for me and chicken wing set with additional luncheon meat for the hubby.

Chicken thigh set with additional brinjal
Chicken wing set with additional luncheon meat
The rice was fragrant with each grain imbued with the scent of coconut milk. The chicken thigh meat was juicy and tender; the batter that encased the meat was fried till super crispy. It was, however, on the oily side. The sambal chilli accompanying the Nasi Lemak was a balancing act of fire power and sweetness. Take note though, the containers of chilli on the tables are different from the sambal.

363 Katong Laksa
Holland Village, 29B Lorong Liput

Tel: 64685415 

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