Saturday, February 15, 2014

Vday dinner @ La Cuisson

The bunny was left to make dinner plans for Valentine's Day since the hubby was in camp for reservist. I settled for a reservation at La Cuisson since I've always wanted to try their food but they have been moving from place to place - first at Queens Street, to Holland Drive and finally to Prinsep Street where they're operating now.

La Cuisson at 44 Prinsep Street

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

363 Katong Laksa @ Holland V

The hubby and bunny were on our way to SOSD's adoption drive at Biopolis when we decided to head for some chow first. Lunch was at 363 Katong Laksa, not anywhere near Katong, but located in Holland Village.

Shop front of 363 Katong Laksa
363 Katong Laksa not only serves laksa, as per it's namesake, but also Nasi Lemak. It's one of those places which the bunny frequents when the craving for sinful food hits.