Thursday, December 26, 2013

Skinfood Goldkiwi Hydrating Mask review

The bunny has gotten her hands a whole box of Skinfood mask samples. Actually, it was a gift with purchase with some magazine at the start of this year. I've totally forgottened about the box till now.. To start off, I tested out the Goldkiwi Hydrating Mask.

Goldkiwi Hydrating Mask (pic taken from the web)
The packaging is simply soooo cute! And it looks just like a mini butter/jam packet that we often see at restaurants and hotels.

Individual pack of the Goldkiwi Hydrating Mask which the bunny tried
Each individual pack contains 8ml of the mask. The pack was not filled to the brim, only about half full. It was pretty easy to tear open the top and I had no problems doing so with wet hands.

Opened pack
The scent of the mask was refreshing but it was no where near the smell of a kiwi. The product itself was a light-yellow gel. In fact, I had to double check that this was a mask because the texture was more similar to a lotion than a mask.

The mask
There was enough of the mask in the pack for me to apply a THICK layer on my face and neck. The mask gave a cooling sensation when on my skin. However, the patch of skin between my nose and lips felt slightly itchy the moment the product went on. You might want to take note if you have sensitive skin.

The bunny with Goldkiwi Hydrating Mask applied
As per instructions, I washed off the mask after 10mins. Boy, the slippery stuff was not easy to come off with cold water, especially with the thick layer I slapped on. I had to wipe the mask off before dousing my face with water.

Results wise, my skin was smoother to touch. The smoothness lasted all night, till the next morning. I was holding myself back from touching my face! The mask cooled down my skin considerably as well and this is great for the hot, humid weather we have in SG 24/7. Also, I noticed that my t-zone was less oily in the morning as compared to days when no mask was put on. However, for a hydrating mask, the moisturizing prowess of the Goldkiwi seemed to be only so-so. The dry areas of my skin wasn't as refreshed as I would've liked. 

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