Friday, December 13, 2013

Muchos Mexican Bar & Restaurant @ Clarke Quay

The hubby and the bunny were in the vicinity of Clarke Quay, though I can't remember what for exactly (having a spot of amnesia here). The bunny decided that dinner was Mexican food, so we dropped by the nearest Mexican restaurant we could find.
Front facade of Muchos Mexican Bar & Restaurant
Muchos provided a choice of indoor or outdoor seats but with the hubby the proverbial polar bear, indoors it was for the aircon. The interior was pretty cozy. It was softly lit and candles were on every table. The hubby almost dozed off on the couch.

The hubby dozing off (or pretending to for the camera)
My pick for dinner was the chicken Chimichanga ($15.90). It was stuffed with generous amounts of cheese, lettuce and chicken and the exterior was a crispy golden brown. The taste was alright, but the greasiness started to overwhelm by the time I started on the 2nd piece.

The hubby had the Pan Fried Prawn Fajitas ($22.90). The prawns were fresh and bouncy, though I thought that it was a tad too salty. The flour tortilla wrappers were soft when first served but turns to a cardboard-like texture when left for a while. The guacamole that accompanied the dish was light on the avocado - so light that the hubby who abhors avocado taste, actually liked it.

Pan Fried Prawn Fajitas
Muchos does not serve water, so I ordered the Lychee Mint ($8.90) while the hubby had the Icy Freeze Lychee ($8.90). The Icy Freeze Lychee tasted a lot like the canned syrup, in a slushy form. Even so, it was way better than my Lychee Mint. The mint was chopped very coarsely, so it was like having grits in every sip.

Icy Freeze Lychee
Lychee Mint
Service wise, the wait staff were slow to respond. It seemed that their attention were placed somewhere else every time we waved for help, be it for taking orders, or asking for the bill. I could have gave them leeway if the restaurant had been full, but it was really quiet on the night of our visit.

Would I recommend or re-visit Muchos? No way!!

Muchos Mexican Bar & Restaurant
River Valley Road 
Singapore 179012

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