Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ippudo @ Westgate

Lunch today for the bunny was at the newly opened branch of Ippudo, at Westgate. I had previously wrote a pretty scathing review on my visit to the Ippudo at Mandarin Gallery, but I was really looking to test out the standards at Westgate (also, never underestimate the persuasiveness of your colleagues).

Our entourage arrived at the mall at about 12nn. Even then, a queue was starting to form. 
The bunny and colleagues were the 5th or 6th in the queue. We waited for slightly under 30 mins before we were seated.

The restaurant's decor is very much similar to the one at Mandarin Gallery, with white and red as the main colors. Even the shelf display of alternating white and red bowls looked exactly the same. The stark difference that hit me was the size of the outlet - Westgate's branch is puny and cramped by comparison.

Ippudo's interior at Westgate
Now, most importantly, was how the ramen fared... I ordered the exact same ramen that I had at Mandarin Gallery, the Shiromaru Tamago ($17). It's $1 cheaper here at Westgate!

Shiromaru Tamago
The tonkotsu broth upheld its high standards and was thick, rich and simply flavorful. And this is where the similarities end, all for the better! While the ramen noodles were not the bounciest, they had some bite at the normal hardness level. In comparison, my experience at Mandarin was limp, flour-y noodles. I was happy with my tamago (egg) as well. The egg fully absorbed the sweet salty flavors of shoyu and had a soft runny center.

Flavored egg with runny center
The bunny definitely had a better experience at Westgate than at Mandarin Gallery. Ippudo at Westgate is no doubt a great alternative to satisfy my ramen cravings without heading to town. It's good staying in the west!

Ippudo @ Westgate
3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532

Tel: 6465 9308

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