Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dr. Morita EGF + Platinum mask review

The Dr. Morita EGF + Platinum mask was part of the bunny's loot back during the Watsons member sale in Oct, but I've only opened and used the mask recently.

Dr. Morita EGF Platinum Mask
The mask sells by touting to diminish fine lines, maintain skin firmness and moisturize. I don't have a problem with lines, but I would love for my skin to be healthy looking and more hydrated. The method of use is pretty standard as sheet masks go - apply after cleansing face and leave it on for 10-15 mins.

Dr Morita EGF Platinum Mask function and usage instructions
On opening the pack, the first thing that hit me was the fragrance. It was rather strong. The mask sheet was saturated with the essence, but thankfully, there wasn't any drippy problems. 

Open mask pack of Dr. Morita EGF Platinum Mask
It's kinda strange that the ingredient list of the mask was half in Chinese and half in English. To view the list, click on the picture below for the enlarged version.
Ingredient list
Click to enlarge
The sheet itself felt velvety smooth and was quite thin and translucent. You can even see the spots on my face when the mask was put on. The fit was generally alright, except for the forehead area which was too big for me. The mask adhered very well - I was walking round the house and it still stayed stuck in position.

Dr Morita EGF Platinum Mask on the Oblivious Bunny
At the end of 15mins, there was still a lot of essence leftover on my face when I removed the mask sheet. The essence had a slight gel like consistency and took a bit of patting and time in order to be absorbed.

As for the effects, my skin was plump with moisture, so much so that I could see my pores shrink slightly. My face had a dewy look too. Not bad at all!

The Dr. Morita EGF + Platinum mask retails at $2 and are available at most Watsons stores in Singapore. There are frequent 1-for-1 promotions for this mask, so plan your purchases!

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