Sunday, November 17, 2013

Uncle Leong Seafood @ Jurong East

One of the bunny's colleague recently left the company and his farewell dinner was at Uncle Leong's Seafood. The branch at Jurong East was newly opened and just a stone's throw from our office, hence, the choice for our dinner.

Facade of Uncle Leong Seafood @ JE
Uncle Leong Seafood in Jurong East is set in a void deck and has a coffee shop kind of feel, very much similar to their first restaurant in Ang Mo Kio. There's no aircon here, so ditch your suits and jackets. Crabs are all over the place here - as decorations I mean, on the shelves, walls and ceiling. It's pretty obvious that the crustacean is the star of this seafood place. 

We went in a group of 12, so all the dishes ordered were of the large size. 

The "Nan Ru" Deep Fried Pork 南乳炸肉 ($12/ $15/ $20) came highly recommended. I still don't know what "Nan Ru" is, but Uncle Leong's version was aromatic and deep fried to a golden, crunchy finish. The meat had a good mix of fats and muscle and wasn't overly greasy.

"Nan Ru" Deep Fried Pork

The Chinese Spinach with Eggs 三黄苋菜 ($12/ $15/ $20) was our only veggie dish for the night. The broth had a creamy consistency and was sweetened with hints of ikan bilis, which were sprinkled on top of the dish as well.

Chinese Spinach with Eggs 三黄苋菜
Another pork dish we ordered was the Guinness Pork Rib 黑啤酒排骨 ($15/ $20/ $25). The ribs had the aroma of Guinness, yet none of the bitterness. My bone to pick with this dish was the oiliness of it. One bite and my lips were smeared with a film of grease.

Guinness Pork Rib 黑啤酒排骨
The Deep Fried Beancurd 脆皮豆腐 ($10/ $12/ $15) was not the usual tofu that's made entirely from beans, but had a tinge of seafood taste blended in. These golden little packages were encased in a thin layer of crispy skin and spongy to bite into. 

Deep Fried Beancurd 脆皮豆腐
The Golden Pumpkin Prawn 金瓜奶油虾 ($20/ $25/ $30) was another recommended dish by the staff. The prawns were fresh and bouncy and covered with a crunchy coat of batter that helped to absorb the sweet-savory butter and pumpkin sauce.

Golden Pumpkin Prawn 金瓜奶油虾
Moving on to the restaurant's speciality, we ordered 5 small crabs, to be cooked in 3 methods. The crabs by themselves were fresh, succulent and very meaty.

Our first crab was served in the Crab Bee Hoon 炒螃蟹米粉 (seasonal price). The soup base was slightly bland and there's lots of oil floating at the top. 

Crab Bee Hoon 炒螃蟹米粉
2 crabs went into the Shimmering Sand Crab Delight 金沙蟹 (seasonal price), which was my favorite crab dish. The sauce was sinfully thick and silky with buttery fragrance and slightly spiced with peppercorns. The crab is topped with oats, which lent a crunch to the dish.

Shimmering Sand Crab Delight 金沙蟹
The last 2 crabs were cooked as the classic Chilli Crab 辣椒螃蟹 (seasonal price). Someone call the fire department for this one! It's really spicy! My colleagues and I were sweating buckets attempting to eat the crab. I have to admit that I'm don't have a lot of tolerance for spiciness so I couldn't really taste much of the crab other than the fiery inferno from the sauce. 

Chilli Crab 辣椒螃蟹
Our total bill was $371, which works out to about $31 per person. Pretty reasonable I guess..

Uncle Leong Seafood (Jurong East Branch)
262 Jurong East Street 24 
Singapore 600262

Tel: 6897 2881

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