Monday, November 4, 2013

Dinner invite by The Lawn @ Shenton Way

Think salad and the first thing that comes to mind (at least for this bunny) will be plain boring greens. Well, The Lawn was set up to change this particular perception. The bunny visited the 2nd outlet of the not-so-usual salad bar, located at AXA Tower, with the hubby, at owner Jonathan's invitation. Oh my, looking at the offerings, the bunny was really spoilt for choice!

The Lawn's order chit
The new kid on the block at Shenton Way is The Lawn's 2nd branch that opened 2-3 months ago. On stepping in, the place gave off an inviting, cozy ambiance. The d├ęcor is simple here but there's artificial grass installed on the floor, soft cushions and even Ikea plushies to make customers feel right at home.

Artificial grass adds charm to The Lawn's simple decor
Hugs the colorful cushie pillow!
The order process is fairly straightforward. Customers just have to mark on the order chit what they'll like to get and order at the counter that is nearest to the door. Then, simply pay at the cashier.

Interior of The Lawn at Shenton
The decision part for ordering is gonna take a lot more work. Choose from salad or olive rice as the base and there's a mind-boggling 10 types of grills that goes with the base and a whopping 12 different kinds of dressing that you can pick. If you've picked the salad, you'll still need to choose 5 out of 26 toppings that goes into the salad bowl.

Some of the toppings available
The olive rice ($8.90) was a hit for both myself and the hubby. Its fragrance just wafted up our nostrils. The rice was slightly savory and wasn't greasy at all. The recipe is from Jonathan's family, contributed by his late grandma.

The olive rice
The veggies in Salad ($9.90) was pretty crisp and fresh. According to Jonathan, the greens are replenished daily to ensure freshness.

The bunny's salad topped with alfafa, pineapple, baby potatoes, corn kernels and carrot. Butter-seared pacific dory with parsley rub  pictured on the right.
A quick chat with Jonathan revealed that the most popular grills in the house are (in no particular order) Ben's Beef Rub (+$5), Chicken Breast with Fresh Herbs and the Char-grilled Prawns with Garlic. Jonathan had also generously brought out all the grills for us to try.

On sampling, I had to agree with the crowd's selection of the Char-grilled Prawns with Garlic (+$4). The prawns had a really buttery fragrance to them. Texture wise, I could almost feel the prawns bouncing around my mouth as I chewed - they're really QQ.

Char-grilled prawns with garlic 
The hubby was especially partial to the Chicken Breast with Fresh Herbs (+$3). It was particularly fragrant and carried the taste and smell of thyme, parsley, oregano. The texture of the meat was a wee bit dry, but that's to be expected for breast meat.

Chicken breast with fresh herbs
Also worthy of mention is the Char-grilled Mix Mushrooms (+$3). The hubby actually liked them even though he's not a fan of fungi. The mushrooms were juicy, meaty and thoroughly infused with the aroma of garlic.

L to R: Grilled black pepper duck breast, Char-grilled asparagus and eggplant, Char-grilled mixed mushrooms
Moving on to the dressings, there's a mixture of classic dressings such as apple cider vinaigrette and more "unique" ones like the maple peanut out of the 12 types that are available. It took a while to taste all of them, but here's the verdict - my fav is the Red Island, which is a twist to the Thousand Island sauce that most of us would be familiar with by adding in tomato puree. The hubby preferred something with more spice, so his choice was the Me So Spicy, which kinda tasted like tom yum.

The variety of dressings available
The bunny adding "Red Island" dressing to the salad
It takes some skill to toss a salad... The bunny was trying not to make a mess!
We finished the meal with a slice of Oreo Cheesecake for dessert. It's rather light and the biscuit base was very crumbly. You definitely won't get sick of it just after 2 bites like some other cheesecakes.

Oreo cheesecake
The concept of The Lawn is definitely giving the other salad bars a run for their money. I guess The Lawn has proven that eating healthy doesn't equate to boring and tasteless greens, tasty grills can be part of the menu too!

The Lawn at Shenton
8 Shenton Way
AXA Tower
Singapore 068811

Disclaimer: Dinner was sponsored by Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar but all opinions I have expressed are my own.

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