Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bunny's most hated SG drivers

With Car Car approaching one and a half years old, the bunny had also transformed from a mild mannered driver to a full-fledged, foul mouthed, profanity uttering driver on Singapore roads.

I'm sure all or most drivers have their own list of what irks them the most, and here's the bunny's pet peeves on the road.

1. Right-lane hogger
If you're driving wayyy below the speed limit on the expressways when there isn't a jam, move your bloody selfish self to the next lane. There's no excuse to drive at 70km/hr on a 90km/hr road even if you are unfamiliar with it. Most expressway exits are on the left anyway. If you are a heavy vehicle driver, more shame on you.

2. I can't decide between left or right, so I'll just drive in the middle of the lane driver
Seriously, make up your mind. You're just obstructing 2 lanes of traffic.

3. Signal-less drivers
A lot of Singaporean drivers have the mentality that once they switch on their signals, other drivers will chiong and not let them cross. Well, if you don't on, how the hell people know you want to change lanes. Also, you can be sure that I will drive parallel to you to thwart your attempts at cutting my lane, if I see that you have the intention to do so without signalling. Not all of us are mind-readers like Professor X and Jean Grey you know?

4. My car is so shiny that I don't have to on my headlights driver
With the recent torrential downpours that Singapore is experiencing, please on your lights during these storms. Unless your car is neon and glowing, most drivers wouldn't be able to see your car. You hit my car, you pay for the damages, but I so don't want to kiss your car and have my insurance premiums raised.

5. Cyclist who think they are drivers
Technically not drivers, but cyclists are road users too. It's scary when the cyclists act like they're driving a super fast motorbike. Dear cyclist, no matter how expensive your bike is or how fast you pedal, you are damn slow compared to a car or even a motorbike. I'm sure the wind in your face is giving you a false impression of your speed. Unless you want to end up a vegetable or a figure in the road-kill statistics, stick to the side of the road please!

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