Monday, October 28, 2013

The Chop House @ Vivocity

The Chop House has just opened its doors at VivoCity, #01-161/162. The place is a more affordable version of the premium steakhouse, Wooloomooloo, so the bf (now husband) and the bunny jumped to sample their wares. Again, it's another one of those really packed weekends and this bunny was lucky to get the last seat for 2.

The Chop House
Stepping into the restaurant, the interior is softly lit by warm yellow lighting. The feel of The Chop House is decidedly chic with it's modern yet sturdy looking d├ęcor. The setting is also much more casual than it's cousins, Wooloomooloo Prime and Wooloomooloo Steakhouse.

Chic, casual feel of The Chop House's interior
Our dinner order was the Mixed Grill Platter ($48) which was meant for two to share, as well as the Tater Tots ($6).
Food finally arrived after 30 mins.. The bunny was totally STARVING!
The Mixed Grill Platter which had sausages, lamb, chicken and a thick, juicy slab of steak which the bf happily devoured. The lamb was lovely without the strong lamb-y BO and was incredibly tender. The onion rings were memorable too, as they were light and crunchy and did not give any greasy feeling.

Mixed Grill Platter
The Tater Tots ($6) were actually just mini hash browns. They were fried to a crisp golden brown and gave off loud crunch sounds when chewed. They're really fun to pop and I daresay the tots will make good accompaniments to beer.

Tater Tots
Food was good but the service was seriously a pain. I could understand that food takes a while to cook but we were kept waiting and waiting for our drinks, which was just plain ol' H2O. The waiters kept telling us that the water was arriving when we checked with them but it took 15 mins for them to get the glasses to our table. I'm crossing my fingers that this might just be a part of the restaurant's teething process and hopefully they'll get better with more experience.

Cold and warm water which took 15 mins and 2 reminders to the waiters before reaching our table

If you're interested in knowing what the restaurant has to offer, the full menu for the newly opened The Chop House can be found here.

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