Sunday, October 20, 2013

The bunny got hitched @ Swissotel Merchant Court

The bf has officially "upgraded" his status to the hubby!

Bunny putting on our custom-made rings on the hubby
We had our solemnization at the poolside of Swissotel Merchant Court yesterday and were thankfully blessed with sunny weather for the 3 hours of our event. It was pouring (and ponding) immediately before and after. Thank you whatever higher powers that may be..

All the pictures in this post were taken by the hubby's buddy. Thanks Jeremy!

We had appointed Kelvin from Renatus Photography as our professional photographer. Kelvin's still touching up our photos so I'll only be able to post them later. Hopefully, we'll be getting them soon!

The venue was picturesque, lots of greenery all around, making it a great choice for an outdoor garden wedding.

*Whining alert!*
There's a lot to be said about the service provided by Swissotel though. Firstly, the coordinator left us with a banquet manager that was frequently uncontactable. Secondly, we could understand that the decorating of the place was delayed due to the earlier downpour, but they were so tardy that they still had not finish the set-up by the time all the guests had arrived. Thirdly, by the time the set-up was completed, there were no staff to serve the drinks and since our guests were so parched waiting under the sun, they had to help themselves. The bf  hubby was so fed-up that he swore that we won't be holding our banquet there.
*End of whine*

Lovely surroundings and a glimpse of our photographer Kelvin in the background
We invited Mr. Simon Sim to be our JP / solemnizer. He's a really friendly and approachable guy. Simon was very punctual, and reached our venue half an hour before the appointment time. During the ceremony, his light-hearted jokes kept our friends and family entertained. Also, he shared with us golden tips (which my parents totally agreed with) on maintaining a successful marriage and even advised us on good photo angles. Though he's a Christian, he did not mention anything about religion. If you're looking for a JP/solemnizer, I highly recommend him! Thanks for the lovely ROM Simon!

Here's a pic of JP Mr. Simon Sim
We were all smiling happily while listening to Mr. Simon Sim
Also, special thanks to our friends Daphne & Sharlene for helping out with the nitty gritty! To all friends and family who attended our solemnization, thanks for sharing our joy!

Here's more pics!

The DIY ring box that the hubby made himself and is so proud of
March in to the music At the beginning
Our customized vows
You may now "slowly" kiss the bride. For the cameras...
Duck face for the Polaroid!

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