Friday, October 4, 2013

Gals nite out @ LeVel 33, MBFC Tower 1

Sometime back, I met up with Liz, a friend that I haven't seen in ages. On the spur of the moment, we decided to head to LeVel 33, Singapore and the world's highest urban craft-brewery, located at the 33rd level of MBFC Tower 1. This was before the bunny headed to Hong Kong, so this post is long overdue.

They had a table for us even though we hadn't made any reservations before hand. The view from Level 33 was of course stunning, but I didn't manage to take any photos as we weren't seated anywhere near the windows. Pity..

We were given bread rolls with an assortment of butter to start the meal. Good thing, 'cuz we were both really hungry and the rest of the food took forever to come.

Bread roll
L to R: Tomato butter, salted butter and mustard butter
Liz ordered a Latte ($6) which smelt pretty aromatic but it's presentation was a big fat fail. From every angle, the latte art looked like my 3-year old cousin's play attempt at pouring milk. 

Latte art fail
Our starter was the Pig and Snail ($22). Though it was kinda cold by the time Liz and I were done snapping pictures of the dish, the pig tail with snail combo still tasted pretty good. Each piece was a mouthful of flavorful pork that has been breaded and deep fried to give a crunchy exterior and topped with a chewy escargot.

Pig and Snail
For the mains, my dinner companion had the Gambas, which was made up of jumbo prawns, soba, lobster bisque, rock shrimp and papaya salsa. The taste of soba noodle in lobster bisque was decidedly odd. It's akin to putting a Japanese and French, who are unable to understand each other, together in a same room and expecting them to communicate. Also, the prawns were slightly overcooked, so it was rather tough.

My choice of mains was the Poussin ($31), which was stated on the menu to be spring chicken, masala cream, woodear tempura, pea and pancetta fregola sarda pasta with mustard oil. The chicken tasted decent and was tender and juicy, though I did spot that the inside was a smidgen bloody. The woodear tempura was light and crispy, which would have been nice if it was on it's own. In the salad, the peas were mushy while the fregola sarda was chewy. Given the extreme differences in textures, the salad did nothing but to confuse to my palate. Again, I have to say that the elements of the dish did not come together very well.

Confection ($18) was our choice of dessert for that night. It's made up of chunky white and dark chocolate, popping candy, fresh strawberries and chocolate ganache.

Bunny with Confection
The popping candy was a novelty and as it's namesake, creates popping sounds as it melts in your mouth. The chocolate chunks were luscious and contained the popping candy as well, so it was a symphony of pops at we proceeded with the dessert. The chefs would have nailed it with just with the candy, chocolate and bright, fresh strawberries, but no.. they just had to add in the pyramid of coconut cake and dehydrated white fungus which did not complement the dessert at all. The coconut cake tasted like coconut flavored sawdust!

Close up of Confection
Overall, there seems to be more misses than hits for LeVel 33, or maybe it's just beers that are their specialty. Anyhow, the view seems to be more worth it than the food.

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