Monday, October 7, 2013

Gals nite out @ Fukuichi, TripleOne Somerset

The bunny was first introduced to Fukuichi by a vendor who provides warehousing solutions. They have the same parent company as Fukuichi that specializes in cold room facilities and logistics among others. The business processes fish, freezes them and exports them to Japan. Hence, Fukuichi was born as an extension to that function.

Since my vendor promised me a discount whenever I dine at Fukuichi (not sure if he was jesting), I brought Rena and Liz to the restaurant, #02-11/12, TripleOne Somerset for our catching-up session.

The Kani Tofu ($6) is a well-recommended dish at Fukuichi. It's a cold dish, consisting of cold tofu stuffed with generous amounts of crab meat dressed in a century egg sauce. There's more of the fresh and sweet crab meat than tofu in this concoction and the earthy, creamy sauce is a good complement. Not sure if you'll like the dish as much if you're not a fan of century eggs...

Kani Tofu
The Agedashi Tofu ($8) was served steaming hot, but it cooled down quite a bit before we dug in as the three of us were too busy taking photos as usual.. The tofu was smooth and firm enough to be lifted with chopsticks. The corn starch layer wasn't overly thick and was deep fried to give a light crunch.

Agedashi Tofu
From the menu, the picture of the Jyo Sashimi ($78) is served with 3 slices of each fish, just nice for our little party. The lovely plating of the sashimi was a feast to the eyes and the freshness of the fish was a treat to the palate.

Jyo Sashimi
Clockwise from top left: Swordfish, Tuna, Sweet prawn, Scallop, Yellow tail & Salmon 
We had the Sanma Shioyaki ($15) as well, which was grilled salted mackerel pike. The fish had a nice char-grilled flavor to it and crisp, slightly burned skin. I could taste the sea with this - the salt served to enhance the natural sweetness of the mackerel pike flesh. Our only complaint was the many bones, but that's inherent of mackerel pike.

Sanma Shioyaki
I guess we were too busy catching up, or the food was so irresistible that none of us actually remembered to take a picture of our Spider Maki ($16) until we were nearing the end of our meal. The soft shell crab within the sushi was crispy and light. The chef was pretty generous with the roe topping too.

Spider Maki
Overall, the food Fukuichi serves is pretty good. Best of all, the prices don't burn too big a hole in the pocket. It's definitely a hidden gem in the bustling Orchard road area. Oh ya.. if you're wondering, I did get my discount in the end! ^-^

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