Sunday, October 27, 2013

First paycheck from Nuffnang

The bunny has gotten her first paycheck from Nuffnang!

A big thank you to all readers who helped to make this possible! Muacks!!

The cheque/ letter from Nuffnang SG
If you're a fellow blogger, and thinking of or cashing out for the first time, here's the stuff that I went through and you might want to know about getting your check.

Always try to cash out at the end of the month. Nuffnang says that they follow this algorithm to prepare your cheque - Last day of "cash out" month + 30 days processing period + 14th days approximate mailing time. The processing period is 60 days for non-glitterati members. I cashed out on 3 Aug and received my cheque on 23 Oct. The cheque itself was dated on 21 Oct, so the process is actually longer than what was stated.

Nuffnang Finance sent an email to me on 14 Oct (the day the cheque was supposed to reach me based on their algorithm) to say that my cheque was on the way. The link to their helpdesk does not work.. It's not your internet connection problem or computer breaking down :P

Email from Nuffnang Finance
If you do need to contact them, use the contact us at the bottom of Nuffnang's site or You must contact Nuffnang within 30 days that you're supposed to receive your cheque (based on the algorithm) for any disputes or missing cheques etc. Here's what I lifted from the terms and conditions "You agree to notify Nuffnang of any disputed or missing payment within thirty (30) days of the date that payment is or should have been received. You understand you will have waived the right to dispute the accuracy or receipt of payment after the thirty (30) days of the date that payment is or should have been received."

Till then, happy blogging!

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