Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Bunny's Hong Kong trip - Buying SIM card & check-in @ Butterfly at Morrison Hotel

The bunny made a trip to Hong Kong over the weekend for a short getaway with the bf. It's a super last min thing and the bf almost couldn't get his leave approved.

DBS and Cathay Pacific has a fare promotion that lasts till 6 Sep and our tix for round trip to Hong Kong costed S$308 per person.

While waiting to board our flight, we gave The Social Tree at Changi Airport a go. Located in the Terminal 1, Departure Transit Mall, the tree is an almost 9m tall installation that allows travellers to take photos, primp it up with different treatments and frames, and to post the photo to the tree and share it on social networking sites or email to yourself.

Photo of the bunny & bf taken at The Social Tree
Hongkongers have a strange way of welcoming tourists. On touching down, and waiting to clear immigration, the ushers at the immigration counter were barking at tourists at the top of voices, in Cantonese, which I didn't understand at all. It took a while of their gesturing before I realized that they were shouting at people to move down the lines, which completely bewildered me again, since everybody was already walking toward the counter and got stuck at the immigration queues. How did they expect tourists supposed to move forward? Stack themselves on top of each other??! It's definitely one way for them to leave a memorable first impression.

The first item I bought in Hong Kong was the prepaid SIM card, since I wasn't prepared to pay an obscene amount on data roaming to my telco. There are several network providers in Hong Kong so I did a little homework beforehand and settled on the one from one2free. It costs HK$88 (~S$14.67, exchange rate S$1 = HK$6) for 1 week of unlimited data and HK$10 for calls. The SIM card is available at the 1010 Shop (CSL) at the end of section F, level 7 Departures Check-in Hall. The staff there will help to install and activate the SIM card for you. Signal quality for one2free was pretty good in most places as I roamed Hong Kong.

Prepaid SIM card from one2free
We booked Butterfly at Morrison as our hotel for this trip. To get there, we took the shuttle bus from the airport. Tickets were purchased from counter B4 (Hotelink Airport Shuttle) in the Airport Arrival Hall at HK$150 (S$25) each. The trip from the airport to the hotel at Causeway Bay took slightly less than 2 hours, even though we were told that it's supposed to be closer to a 1 hour ride and we reached at about 2pm.

Our room wasn't ready when we arrived at the hotel (since check-in is at 3pm), so the bf and I went to grab some food first. We headed to Keung Kee Restaurant that's just a few steps away from the hotel. It's a Michelin recommended restaurant and it's roasted meats tasted pretty decent.

Keung Kee Restaurant
Just round the corner of the hotel is Bowrington Road and there's a big wet market, which totally fascinated the bf and triggered the photographer in him.

Bowrington Road market
Fishes and other food at the market are "jumping for their lives" fresh.
The market is rather busy. Watch your steps as the floor is uneven and you are likely to get pushed.
Finally, it's time to check-in to the hotel...

Butterfly at Morrison is a boutique hotel. The hotel is perfumed with the same scent as our ION Orchard, so we could smell the hotel wayyyy before we could see it. Currently, there are some construction going on at the premises.

Our room was small, but that's to be expected in Hong Kong, and it feels kinda cozy. I loved the way the bed is made; it's super cute, with a rose plush and butterfly clips on the pillow.

Our bed for 2 nights in HK
Selfie with the cute bed in the background
View from our hotel room at 18 floor
One gripe that we have about the hotel was the thin walls. Basically, we could hear the lifts, our neighbor showering, closing the doors, talking, etc.

After a nice warm shower and a short break, we were out exploring to find the MTR. Google maps were kinda unreliable for us as the buildings in HK are very close to each other. So after several detours (and achy feet), we finally made our way to Times Square, which in fact was supposed to be a less than 10 min walk distance away (as we found out later), where the entrance of the MTR is.

Just so happens, there's a Gundam exhibition at the entrance of Times Square.

Huge Gundam statue in front of Time Square
We had our dinner at Toast Box, Shop B219-B220, B2, Times Square. It's totally not recommended, by the way. The oil used to fry the chicken in the Nasi Lemak was re-used far too many times and left a stench.

And that concludes the bf & bunny's first day in Hong Kong.


  1. Hi do u have any romantic restaurants in HK to recommend?

    1. Hi Bobby,
      I really cannot advise on romantic restaurants. During my trip, I felt compelled to eat and leave quickly at all the cafes and restaurants I visited. Personally, I felt that the rushed feeling isn't conducive for romance. Again, this might just be because I'm not going to the right places.