Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sephora Natural Therapy Job's tears mask review

The bunny got a mailer from Sephora on their new range of Natural Therapy masks and it looked really yummy with the vibrant colors that pop. The masks comes in 10 types - Avocado, Green Tea, Ginseng, Honey, Red Pomegranate, Rose, Lotus, Pearl, Job's Tears and Lingzhi. Apparently, Singapore is the first to launch the masks in South East Asia.

Emailer from Sephora on the Natural Therapy Masks
Since the bunny was out shopping today er.. yesterday, I got myself a piece of the Job's tears mask to test out. The masks retail at $4 per piece or $16 for a box of 5 pieces.

Sephora Job's tears mask
The mask is made in China, though the job's tears seed extract is from USA. The mask is supposed to have the following properties (I'm quoting verbatim from the packaging):
- Lightens skin to improve skin tone
- Provides a water-refill action for day-long moisturization
- For replumped skin with a natural fair complexion

The ingredients are in Chinese so I can't really make out what went inside. There's water, butylene glycol, glycerine, barley extract... and I'm not sure about the rest.

Description and ingredients of the mask
The mask sheet was kinda difficult to unfold for me as there wasn't a layer of pearl paper. The folds just don't come out easily...

Here's what you'll see when the packet is opened
The sheet itself felt cottony and wasn't too thick. It's rather similar to the ones from Etude House, but had the signature S motifs of Sephora.

The mask sheet
The mask carries a light fragrance and it fits snugly on my face.

The bunny with the mask
While the essence wasn't sticky, it felt kinda heavy on my face after I removed the mask 20 mins after the application. Horrors of horrors, my skin quickly became irritated. It already felt warm while the mask was on my face, but after I took it out, the side of my face and the delicate areas around my eyes turned really itchy! Forget about whitening, my skin was pink instead! I guess this mask just isn't suitable for my sensitive skin and I had to wash off the remaining essence off and apply aloe gel. Only then, the itchiness started to ebb. I'm still trying not to scratch/rub/pinch my face as I write this post.

I would definitely NOT recommend this mask if you have sensitive skin like me. Of course, the reaction could be just a me thing. It's lucky that I only bought 1 piece to try!


  1. I bought the mask in Shanghai when saw it at Sephora Shanghai and have try all 10 of them. Each have it's unique function and it's quite effective I would say. It improve the skin and looks more radiant.

    1. It's great that the masks works for u, Anonymous. Unfortunately, my skin had decided that this is not the mask for me by responding with an allergic reaction. :(