Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Lip Stuff lip balm review

Ever since the bunny started on Nimegen, my skin has been loads better but I suffered from dry, peeling lips, a known side effect of the anti-acne drug. I tried loads of different lip balms/butters but my lips continued to peel, crack and even bleed. Research on the internet showed that Vaseline helps, but I wasn't too keen on swallowing petroleum jelly.

The bunny's dry, peeling lips
I was looking for a lip balm that could soothe my lips and My Lip Stuff was the answer.

My most recent My Lip Stuff haul
My Lip Stuff's lip balm really helped with the condition of my lips! Though they're still peeling a little, my lips aren't cracking any more. It's super moisturizing and provides relief whenever I feel my lips becoming tight with dryness. I'm also comfortable with the ingredients used as they're natural. The balm leaves a shine when applied, so I can skip the gloss as well. If you're looking for the downside, my colleague said that the balm felt a little heavy on her lips.

There's a mind boggling number of 600 flavors available. My current favorite is the French Vanilla as it smells just like rich, creamy vanilla. So far, out of all the flavors I tried, the fragrance isn't very strong - it doesn't overwhelm, even after smelling it the whole day. The balm itself as no taste.

No more cracked lips! Yay!
The bunny is really happy with My Lip Stuff's lip balms. It's not available in SG but the My Lip Stuff online shop does ship here.

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