Monday, September 9, 2013

Dinner invite by Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar @ Marina Square

The bunny and the bf were given a dinner treat at Addictions Cafe & Remedy bar. The cafe is another dining choice at Marina Square's newly opened The Dining Edition. At #02-105A, it's pretty easy to spot the diner since it's the only one with an open kitchen concept in the area.

Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar
The cafe has a relaxed atmosphere and staff seemed to be cheery and enjoying what they're doing. They were very attentive and promptly refilled my glass of warm water whenever it was getting empty. Again, it's always the little things that count when it comes to service.

Oh, just a note on the water, Addictions serves fruit infused water instead of plain 'ol ice water. The bf's glass was a faint shade of pretty pink from watermelon bits. For my cuppa, Addictions actually used a teapot with a bamboo-like handle to serve the warm water.

Iced water
To start off, we had the Truffle fries with parmesan cheese shavings ($10). For this dish, straight-cut fries were deep-fried to a firm crisp and tossed with truffle oil to give it the earthy aroma. The fries were served with chili, ketchup and mayo but my preference was still to eat these golden fingers on their own.

Truffle fries with parmesan cheese shavings
Eggs Benedict is my all time favorite breakfast food, even at dinnertime, so my choice for mains was the Earl grey salmon benedict with sauteed mushroom & citrus hollandaise ($16). The dish had all the promising traits of a good eggs benedict - the eggs were lightly poached and had soft flowing yolks when cut into; the salmon carried a light touch of earl grey and hint of sweetness; the hollandaise sauce was satiny with a bit of tang; the English muffin base was slightly chewy.

Earl grey salmon benedict with sauteed mushroom & citrus hollandaise
The bf's main was the Australian tenderloin with melted gruyere cheese in red wine sauce with baked garlic potato and sauteed greens ($29). The steak was tender and the flavors from the cheese and meat came together pretty nicely. On the accompaniments, the carrots were crunchy and really sweet; the baby potatoes were fluffy and the garlic smell wasn't the pungent "warding-off vampires" kind. The only complaint from the bf was the doneness of the tenderloin. It arrived medium-well instead of the medium requested.

Australian tenderloin with melted gruyere cheese in red wine sauce with baked garlic potato and sauteed greens
Next, it was time for my favorite part of any meal - desserts! We had the Sticky date pudding, Flourless chocolate cake and red velvet cupcake. Yup, the bunny has a sweet tooth...

Dessert offerings at Addictions Cafe
The  Sticky date pudding with butter caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream ($12) at Addictions Cafe was warm, sticky, moist and dense all at once. It's drizzled with gooey caramel and accompanied with a ball of smooth vanilla ice-cream.

Sticky date pudding
The bf was taken to the Flourless chocolate cake with coconut cream cheese icing and brandy chocolate ganache ($10). The cake was rich and chocolatey. More uniquely, dessicated coconut was added to recipe and it adds fragrance and a pseudo-crunchy texture to the cake.

Flourless chocolate cake served with ice cream
Out of the 3, my favorite was the Red velvet cupcake with white chocolate icing ($8). Of course, the strikingly red color did a lot to capture my attention but its taste was not shabby either. The cake was fluffy and crumbly while the cheese frosting was creamy and smooth. White chocolate shavings were also dusted on the cupcake as the finishing touch. Overall, the taste of the red velvet cupcake was well-balanced and wasn't too sweet.

Red velvet cupcakes at the bar table
The bunny really enjoyed herself at Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar. The food was lovely and my host, was gracious and entertaining. Many thanks for the hospitality - You know who you are!

Disclaimer: Dinner was sponsored by Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar but all opinions I have expressed are my own.

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