Friday, August 30, 2013

The Hippopotamus @ Marina Square

The bunny’s bf has been eyeing The Hippopotamus at #01-204/205, Marina Square for some time now, but we have never stepped in due to the steep prices. Thanks to a Groupon deal, we finally decided to give the restaurant a shot (we got a $50 voucher at $32.50).

From the outside, the restaurant looks cosy with comfortable lighting but the interior was a tad weird with a mixture of contemporary and rustic vibes.

Interior of The Hippopotamus
The waiters were quick to serve us and after placing our orders, we were served an appetizer of ciabatta with butter. The bread was too hard to cut through with our knives and there wasn't any crustiness to it. The bunny gave up after a bite of it.

The super duper chewy ciabatta
Our main course took about 10 mins to arrive and the plating was reasonable. You can choose 1 sauce out of the 6 available (Barbeque, Bearnaise, Homemade Thai Chilli, Stew Shallot, Pepper or Roquefort Cheese) and up to 2 side dishes out of 6 (French Fries, Potato Gratin, Green Beans, Baked Potato, Ratatouille or Steam Vegetables) depending on the main course ordered.

Pork Chops
The bunny ordered U.S Pork Chops ($19.90) with Bearnaise sauce (as recommended by the waiter) and potato gratin & steam vegetables as sides. The pork chops were grilled to a nice texture - tender and juicy on the inside. The meat had a mild smoky flavor to it. However, too much salt was used in the grilling process and it started to numb the bunny’s tongue after a few small bites. The vegetables were really bland - the carrots were tasteless (and the bunny loves her carrots!); the cauliflower was a little raw at the stem too.

The bunny eating her pork chops
The bf ordered Tenderloin “Chateaubriand” medium rare with Stew Shallots as the sauce and baked potato & steam vegetables for the sides. Nothing much to shout about for the side dishes. The steak did not turn out medium rare as shown in the picture in some portions while another half was closer to that. It’s not the best steak for the original price of $28.90. Oh, not forgetting, they went trigger-happy with the salt for this too. 

Tenderloin "Chateaubriand"
Wherever there’s crème brulee ($7.90) on the menu, the bf never fails to order it. I think he’s out to eat all the crème brulees in Singapore. At The Hippopotamus, the dessert looked promising at first, with the slightly burnt sugar layer and it was served in cold bowl. Unfortunately, when the spoon hits the sugar, it doesn't shatter like how a good crème brulee should. It just cracks into really big pieces as the layer is too thick. The only upside was the custard was cold.

Creme Brulee - notice that there's no dessert spoons?
I guess this would be our first and only visit to this restaurant and the bf certainly doesn't recommended this place. (By the way, he wrote this post because the bunny is carrot deprived and not in the mood to go on...)

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