Friday, August 23, 2013

Lunch @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, JEM

The bunny was at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for lunch at JEM. Apparently, the coffee house serves proper meals now too. They're certified Halal too, so it's a new addition to the places that I can dine with my Muslim friends. Honestly, I didn't know that till a colleague brought me there, it's been years since I stepped into CBTL since the bf prefers Starbucks.
My lunch was the Mac and Cheese ($10.90). The portions are pretty generous, and I was already full halfway through the plate. The dish is serve piping hot, perfect for the chill I was feeling from the air-con. The cheese sauce is sinfully rich and for the lack of a better word, cheesy. It tasted like comfort food when I just started, but as I ate more, I got a bit sick of it.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Mac and Cheese
The bunny couldn't resist getting a tin of the Strawberry Cream Flavored Green Tea bags while having lunch at The Coffee Bean - it's strawberry and cream staring at me, how do I even stand a smidgen of the tiniest chance to resist?

Description & ingredients of the Strawberry Cream Green Tea
On opening the tin, the tea scent filled my office cubicle. The smell resembles freshly picked, ripe, sweet strawberries. After steeping the tea in hot water for 3 mins, the result is a concoction that's slightly bitter, a smooth green tea with hints of strawberry cream fragrance that lingers in my mouth.

Cup of Strawberry Cream Green Tea

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