Friday, August 16, 2013

Dinner invite by Stew Kuche @ Bukit Merah

The bunny was invited for dinner at Stew Kuche on Wed, and the invite was extended to the bf and our friend Daph as well.

Stew Kuche literally translates to Stew Kitchen from German. This small enclave operates out of a coffee-shop at Blk 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-40.

Stew Kuche
Since the bf and Daph were running late, I had a chance for a quick chat with the man who helms the place, Chef Mani. Chef Mani has close to 20 years of experience in the kitchen and can cook German, Italian and even Korean dishes. Since Italian food is Chef Mani's speciality, Stew Kuche has added pastas and pizzas on top of the usual German fare in their menu.

Chef Mani from Stew Kuche
The first dish on the table was a request by the bf - the Sausages Platter ($25). The platter consisted of the Veal, Chicken Cheese, Chorizo, Spanish Chorizo and Bavarian Pork. It's a unanimous decision that the Bavarian Pork was the most favored out of the different varieties. It had a slightly springy bite to it when chewed. The sausage platter was served with a side of mashed potato which was kinda unusual as it had lots of chopped onions inside.

Sausages Platter - The Bavarian Pork is the one right in the middle.
Next up was the Hawaiian Pizza ($13.90). The crust is freshly made, thin and is well baked till it's edges are crunchy. The chef did not scrimp on the cheese as well.

Hawaiian Pizza
Of course, we had to try Stew Kuche's best selling item on the menu - the German Pork Knuckle ($15 for half & $25 for whole). The skin is wonderfully crispy and I could detect a tinge of the cumin used to spice the meat. The dish comes with Achar, and it's tangy taste was refreshing to the palate and helped to balance the greasiness of the pork knuckle. Chef Mani told me that they sell on average 10-15 pork knuckles each night and around 30 during Fri and weekend nights.

Half Pork Knuckle
If you're thinking of a visit, avoid Mon as Stew Kuche is closed. Their operating hours are 11am-3pm and 5pm-10pm. For the upcoming BPL season, they're intending to extend their hours till 12mn. Soccer fans, you may like to consider Stew Kuche as a hangout option to catch your favorite matches.

Disclaimer: Dinner was sponsored by Stew Kuche but all opinions I have expressed are my own.

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