Friday, August 23, 2013

Dinner @ Covelli, Orchard Central

The bunny was given a treat when the bf brought me to Covelli recently. Located in a quiet corner at Orchard Central, B2-11/22, the bistro is touted by netizens as a hidden find for quality Italian food.

Covelli is the perfect location for a date - Soft flickering from the electronic tea light emitting from every table; pink and red balls of flowers and intricate birdcages hanging from the ceiling; soothing music playing in the background all add to the charm of this place.

Covelli's interior
We were each served a slice of garlic toast after we had made our orders. That little slice carried the aromatic flavors of butter and garlic. It's toasted to a delicious golden color and is really crunchy.

Covelli appetizer garlic toast
Garlic Toast
The bf had Duck Breast ($24.90) for mains. The duck had crispy skin and contrastingly tender meat. I felt that the meat was gamy though, so you may want to choose another dish if you don't like your meat to smell strongly.

Covelli Duck Breast
Duck Breast
My main course was the Wild Mushroom Ravioli ($16.90). The ravioli was cooked al dente and  generous amounts of wild mushroom filling was stuffed into the pasta. The creamy sauce was infused with earthy tones from the mushrooms. The first few bites tasted great but the sauce got a tad too heavy and rich for me afterwards.
Covelli Wild Mushroom Ravioli
Wild Mushroom Ravioli
The service at Covelli is top-notch! Staff were polite from the very minute we entered the restaurant. They were attentive and topped-up our glasses of iced water quickly. What's more, they decided that the bf and I had a longer than usual wait for our food and offered us complementary dessert on their own accord. I have to stress that we did not mention anything about the wait to any of the staff at all (we were happily playing Candy Crush and Plant vs Zombies 2). It's this kind of personalized service that differentiates Covelli from other restaurants.

And... here's the complementary Sesame Panna Cotta that we had.

Covelli Sesame Panna Cotta
Sesame Panna Cotta
The sesame in the panna cotta adds a light touch of fragrance to the pudding. The dessert is luxuriously silky smooth but it's just a little too firm. It didn't have the gentle wobble I was expecting from good panna cotta.

Overall, the food at Covelli isn't exactly struck-me-speechless kind of good, but it's still decent. The ambience and service are the definite winners that won me over.

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