Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dim Sum lunch @ Asia Grand Restaurant

A colleague of mine recommended Asia Grand Restaurant, located at #01-02 Odeon Towers when the bunny was asking around for suggestions on places to bring my mum to for her birthday. So here's where the family had lunch today.. If you're a directional klutz like me and is unfamiliar with the place, Odeon Towers is just right next to Carlton Hotel.

Asia Grand Restaurant has 2 types of menu - one for ala carte food items & set courses and another for dim sum. On this trip, our orders were mainly from the dim sum menu.

Image of Asia Grand Restaurant Dim Sum menu
Asia Grand Restaurant Dim Sum menu - Click to enlarge
Fresh mango chunks and succulent shrimps wrapped in a thin layer of skin made up the Fried Mango Shrimp Roll ($5.20). The mango was sweet, yet slightly tangy, giving the dish an overall refreshing feeling.

Fried Mango Shrimp Roll
I was kinda impressed by the size of the Steamed Shanghai Minced Pork Dumpling ($4.60) when it arrived on our table. It's at least 1.5 times the size of those served at Ding Tai Feng! However, if I were to compare, DTF's xiao long bao wins with no contest at all. The dumpling skin of Asia Grand Restaurant's version was thick, yet, it was not resilient and breaks easily when picked up, spilling soup from the dumplings. In addition, the dumplings were slightly sour, which didn't suit our tastes.

Steamed Shanghai Mince Pork Dumpling
The ObliviousBunny eating her Steamed Shanghai Mince Pork Dumpling aka xiao long bao
We ordered 2 types of the Steamed Cheong Fun ($5.80) - BBQ Pork and Shrimp. They seem to have a variety of the rice rolls here, from the common ones like what we had to the more unusual ones such as Lo-Han Vegetable. The rice rolls are smooth and just slips down my throat. Though the shrimp version is filled with fresh and plump prawns, we unanimously decided that we like the BBQ pork better. The BBQ pork version is filled with bits of pork in salty-sweet sauce and spring onions that adds fragrance to the dish.  

Steamed Cheong Fun - BBQ Pork
Steamed Cheong Fun - Shrimp

The Ha Kau ($5.20) was decent. The skin wasn't too thick and the shrimp filling was fresh. Nothing earth-shattering though.

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling Ha Kau
I know it's really difficult to find good siew mai, but I was really disappointed with the Steamed Pork Dumping "Shao Mai" ($4.80) here. The shrimp/pork mixture that made up the siew mai was far too salty. To make things worse, the dumpling skin has a tinge of ammonia smell that reminds me of yellow noodles and I absolutely hate that smell. *Gags*

Steamed Pork Dumpling Shao Mai
Served piping hot, the Steamed BBQ Pork Bun ($4.20) has lovely soft, fluffy skin that just gives way to your teeth when you bite into it.

Steamed BBQ Pork Bun
Close up of the Steamed BBQ Pork Bun
The Roasted Crispy Pork ($12) is one of the best dishes that we had in this meal. The skin of the pork is so crispy, it cackled as I chewed on it. The meat is meltingly tender, separating without much resistance. Also, the dish didn't feel greasy and there isn't a thick layer of fat present in the meat.

Asia Grand Restaurant has an ongoing promotion for their Peking Duck at $38++ and an additional $10++ if you want the meat of the duck to be served. This is really value-for-money compared to other Chinese restaurants so needless to say, the bunny took the bait. 

Carving of the Peking Duck in front of our table
Though the Peking Duck is on offer, Asia Grand staff still followed tradition and carved the duck right in front of us. Each egg crepe is wrapped with a piece of satisfying crispy duck skin, a sliver of either spring onion or cucumber and a dash of hoisin sauce.

Peking Duck crepes served with crackers
Peking duck
Service wise, I'll have to say that it's top notch at Asia Grand Restaurant. The wait staff are very efficient in clearing plates that we have finished and topping up tea. When we complained that our seats were too cold, staff immediately offered to increase the temperature of the aircon nearest to where we were sitting at or to off it. 

Overall, there are both hits and misses for Asia Grand Restaurant. The Peking Duck is a definite star which just might attract me to revisit.

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