Monday, August 26, 2013

Buffet dinner @ Carnivore Appetite, Marina Square

Marina Square has recently undergone a huge renovation to include a dedicated area for food named The Dining Edition. One of the new restaurants is Carnivore Appetite, located at #02-102.

Shop front of Carnivore Appetite
The restaurant is pretty much spacious and has a rustic feel to it with its white-washed brick wall design and sturdy wooden furniture. It's easy to feel at home here with the easy atmosphere and friendly, smiling staff.

Interior of the Carnivore Appetite
The concept of Carnivore Appetite is decidedly different from the other Carnivore outlets. It's still an all-you-can-eat buffet, but instead of chefs walking around and serving the meats, you have a long buffet line with a charcoal rotisserie in the middle.

The charcoal rotisserie at Carnivore Appetite
The variety of food is quite good here. The buffet line starts from near entrance of the restaurant with a salad bar full of fresh veggies. Next is the cold section where the assorted salami and seafood (prawns, mussels & clams) are. The line proceeds on to a mash, soup, the rotisserie and finally the rest of the cooked foods.

Pics of the food below...
Cooked foods
The Saffron rice with seafood is one item that you shouldn't miss. The rice is very aromatic, with the fragrance of saffron permeating every rice grain.

L to R: Assorted salami, clams, mussels
Clockwise from bottom left: asparagus, prawn cocktail, pasta salad, tomato & mozzarella 
Broccoli soup
Pork Feijoada - Pork with black beans
Caramelized pineapple
And here, the bunny is happily eating the pineapple...
The caramelized pineapple is another one of my favorites. It's sweet with just a tinge of tartness. What's more, the pineapple helps to clean the palate of the greasiness left from other foods.

Two kinds of mash - Top: Plain with herbs, Bottom: Pollenta 
From the rotisserie...

Top: Beef rump
Bottom: Beef topside with mozzarella
Chicken thigh
Escola (fish)
There's also beef and lamb available which is not pictured here.

Food from the rotisserie section is generally good. The bf was raving about the beef topside with mozzarella. It's done medium so the middle is still pink and juicy. On the exterior, there's a thin coating of mozzarella that is char-grilled to a crisp.

The bf enjoying his beef
For dessert, it's cakes and ice-cream..

If you're a meat lover, you'll adore Carnivore Appetite for their variety and quality meats. The dinner buffet is from 5pm - 11pm, $29++ for Mon - Thu and $34.90++ for Fri, Sat and Sun.


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