Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pot Luck Zi Char in the Pot @ IMM

The bunny had lunch with her colleague at IMM yesterday. The mall looks so different after the renovation and the eatery, Pot Luck, located at #01-101A is a new addition. Pot Luck is part of the Soup Restaurant Group.

Pot Luck's decor is fashioned based on the "our little Chinatown" dining concept. It definitely appears old school - think concrete floors, wooden tables and chairs, "xi" ĺ–śchopsticks, and Teresa Teng music playing in the background.

The eatery functions on a self-service concept - First, you are shown to your table, fill in what you want in a chit provided, pay at the cashier and the food is delivered to your table. If you choose to top up for free flow drinks and rice for $2.80+ and $1.50+ respectively (lower prices for kids), the cups and plates are collected at the cashier and you'll have to get your drinks and rice yourself. Since it's self service, there's no service charge. Yay savings!

My choice for lunch was the Claypot Ee Mee ($5.90+). The soup base was clear and light and was the saviour of the whole dish - it had a sweetness to it that stems from the chinese cabbage which pretty much made up the whole pot. The chefs were a midge stingy with the ingredients; I counted 2 slices of fish, 2 squid rings, and 2 shrimps that were about the size of 50 cent coins. The noodles itself seemed to have been boiled too long and were limp.

My suggestion to the eatery would be to reduce the time taken to serve the food. My colleague and I waited for nearly 20 minutes before our noodles reached us. Speed is key when serving the lunch crowd - people do have to get back to office. Of course, a shorter cooking time would also mean noodles that are not overcooked and soggy.

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