Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hello Kitty Donuts @ BreadTalk

It seems like BreadTalk has jumped on the bandwagon of Hello Kitty mania in Singapore and introduced Hello Kitty shaped pastries.

Poster of Hello Kitty donuts @ BreadTalk
Being the Hello Kitty obsessed bunny that I am, I was buying the cutesy shaped donuts before you can even spell d-o-n-u-t-s.

There are 2 types of Hello Kitty donuts - Black or White.

Hello Kitty donuts (black & white)
White and black Hello Kitty donuts
White Hello Kitty donut
Close-up of white Hello Kitty donut
I didn't manage to get the Pocket Full of Berries as the outlet at JEM said that the equipment was faulty and they couldn't stamp the Hello Kitty face onto the confection. Oh wells...

Don't expect much from the taste of the Hello Kitty donuts. They taste like your run-of-the-mill donuts and have a slightly denser texture.

Each donut retails at $1.50 and are available in Singapore BreadTalk stores. They do run out quite fast - the branch at Clementi Mall already ran out of these adorable Hello Kitty donuts when the bunny visited at 1pm.

Update 26 Jul:
The bunny was at the new BreadTalk building at Tai Seng earlier for work and I managed to grab one of the Pocket Full of Berries ($2.50) that just happened to be freshly out of the oven.. er.. assembling table.

Hello Kitty Pocket Full of Berries in the window
Fresh batch of the Hello Kitty Pocket Full of Berries
Hello Kitty Pocket Full of Berries
Hello Kitty Pocket Full of Berries - filled with strawberries and cream
Sadly, my Hello Kitty on the strawberry bun isn't as pretty as one on the poster. The entire tray on display at the store featured kitties disfigured by a scar on their faces. Aww...

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