Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dim Dim (The Hong Kong Pantry) @ Marina Square

The bf and bunny were shopping in the vicinity when we decided to have dinner at Dim Dim. We weren't very hungry so the small bites of dim sum from the cafe appealed to us. Dim Dim is situated at the new wing of Marina Square, #B1-16. It's just opposite Kkongdon BBQ.

The cafe has a clean and spartan look. The walls are bare and undecorated and is simply furnished with laminated tables and chairs. At dinner time, the place is still very much deserted.

Here's what the bf and I had during our visit:

Custard buns in steamer
Custard buns
Custard bun with flowing salted egg custard
Flowing custard
The Custard Bun ($4.20) is served piping hot. Oodles of steaming salted egg custard gushes out when the bun skin is broken - just the way this bunny likes her custard buns. The custard itself is thick, creamy, and just a tinge of saltiness.

Ha Kau prawn dumpling
Ha Kau (prawn dumpling)
The Ha Kau ($3.90), or prawn dumpling, has a generous prawn filling encased in a thin, translucent skin. The prawns were plump and bouncy.

Dim Dim's siew mai in steamer
Siew Mai
The Siew Mai ($3.60), or pork dumplings, were glistening with the juices from the meat. The pork filling is mixture of pork and shrimp which gives the dumpling its sweetness.

Deep fried prawn with mango and mayo
Deep fried prawn with mango and mayo 
The bf adored the Deep Fried Prawn with Mango and Mayo ($4.20). The dish is a salty-sweet combination  from the mango and fresh prawn, enveloped by a layer of chewy, crispy exterior. The name doesn't reflect the fritters very well as salad cream was used instead of mayonnaise.

Dough fritter wrapped with cheong fun
Cheong Fun with Dough Fritter
The Cheong Fun with Dough Fritter ($3.00) has to be the dish that I was most impressed with. Fresh dough fritter that is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside is wrapped with a delicate layer of velvety and smooth rice roll. Eat this fast as cheong fun gets oily if left too long.

The drink I had was a bit of a disappointment though. I ordered the Fresh Honey Lemon ($2.80) as it was highly recommended. Sadly, I could only taste the honey water but not the lemon.

Honey Lemon drink
Honey Lemon
The look of the cafe very much bellied the quality of their food. At that price point, Dim Dim serves really good dim sum. It's surprising that the small eatery isn't packed to the brim.

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