Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tiong Shian Porridge 長城粥品中心

I'm not exactly sure why I haven't posted this before, but Tiong Shian Porridge  長城粥品中心, is one of the places the bunny and bf frequent to satisfy our craving for congee and frog legs. Located at 265 New Bridge Road, the place is usually a hive of activity - hawkers filling orders for the tables, diners scrambling to find seats and an elderly uncle diligently clearing tables to keep up with the steady stream of customers.

This visit, the bunny ordered the Pork Porridge ($4) while the bf had Dried Chili Frog Legs ($8) with plain porridge ($0.60). We also got a large dish of Raw Fish ($6.20) to share.

Pork Porridge 猪肉粥
Dried Chilli Frog Legs 宫保田鸡
As always, the folks at Tiong Shian are pretty generous with their ingredients. There were plenty of meat slices in my bowl of pork porridge. I found the porridge to taste bland compared to previous visits. Luckily, there was a bottle of light soy sauce on the table to save the day.

The bf's order of Dried Chilli Frog Legs had good texture with tender frog meat. However, standards seemed to have dropped as the sauce was not spicy enough to give the shiok feeling, and the MSG added was just a tad too much.

Tiong Shian's version of raw fish has slices of chilli, fine strips of ginger, shreds of lettuce, spring onions, shallots and of course, raw fish that has been sliced thinly. The fish is fresh and the overall taste was good, with the crispy shallot contrasting the smooth soft flesh of the fish. Except for the fish bones and a piece of fish scale, the dish would have been perfect.

The food is still good but the bunny saw a considerable drop in food quality at Tiong Shian today. Hopefully it's just a one time fluke.

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