Thursday, June 13, 2013

McDonald's Hello Kitty Fairy Tales launched!

Mcdonald's have officially launched the Hello Kitty Fairy Tales on 30 May, starting with Wizard of Oz and the McDelivery witch Hello Kitty.

As its namesake, the Hello Kitty McDelivery is only available when you order McDelivery through their hotline, 6777 3777 or the McDelivery website. Personally, I found it a chore to get the McDelivery Hello Kitty as 1. There's a minimum order of $10 for McDelivery which I alone don't eat that much; 2. I'm paying an extra $3.50 for delivery when the nearest McD outlet is just 2 streets away from my place, but I'm digressing. If you're ordering online, pick the Extra Value Meal you want, and from the dropdown menu, add the Hello Kitty of your choice. The Hello Kitties that are available in stores are also available when you order delivery.

The Wizard of Oz Hello Kitty seems to be pretty popular. It is no longer available through McDelivery and some branches at the time of post.

If you're wondering if there is still stocks for the Hello Kitty at your nearest McD outlet, you may like to try the Plushie Tracker. I can't guarantee the accuracy but it serves as a good indication at the very least.

Here's a picture of the first two Hello Kitties I got my hands on!

Wizard of Oz & McDelivery Witch Hello Kitty
I'll be updating this page with more Hello Kitty pics as they are released. Happy collecting!
Update 8 Jun: Little Red Riding Hood

The Little Red Riding Hood is one of my favorites in this series. I guess I'm not the only one 'cuz it has already sold out in many of the McD branches.

The plushie has a round hood instead of the pointed one as drawn in the box. I think Kitty looks cuter with the hood taken off - Hello Kitty without ears looks kinda weird to me.

Little Red Riding Hood Hello Kitty

Update 13 Jun: Frog Prince
The color of the Frog Prince kitty reflects my mood today - I'm turning green with the flu bug I've caught.

Don't you think that the kitty looks so much like Keroppi?

Frog Prince Hello Kitty

Most branches and McDelivery are already out of the froggy kitties the evening the Frog Prince kitty was launched. Good news is... I do have one spare Frog Prince kitty (sealed) that I may just be able to part with. Email me how much you think this Hello Kitty is worth to you and at the right price, she may be following you home. 

Update 15 Jun: Frog Prince Kitty has gone to a good home with a nice gentleman who specially drove to my place to pick her up. Bye Kitty!

Update 21 Jun: Ugly Duckling

This is one kitty that I almost missed. I was informed that the duckling kitty sold out at 7.30am when I visited the McD outlet nearest to my place at 8am. It was a mad rush to several branches after that in a bid to secure the "elusive" Ugly Duckling Kitty, with no avail. The Hello Kitty plushies are selling out earlier each time.

Luckily, by some miracle, the bf managed to snag the kitty and add her to the collection.. Thanks dear!

Yellow is sooooo not a usual Hello Kitty color...

Ugly Duckling Hello Kitty

Update 27 Jun: Singing Bone

The Singing Bone Hello Kitty has proven itself to be really elusive. I really had to put in effort to get these babies. Thank goodness for non-24 hour McD outlets.

Singing Bone Hello Kitty
I was really pissed with TradeHub McD staff. They only started to give out coupons after 11.30pm, wasting customers' precious time. By 12mn, when people are supposed to be able to buy the kitties already, they were still giving out the coupons making it a total emotional roller-coaster not knowing if I'll actually get the Kitty! To compound matters, there were no clear communication when the coupons were all given out to people at the back of the queue. I was in the middle section of the queue and was totally baffled when the security guard started to chase people away. Needless to say, I returned home empty handed. With all the time wasted by TradeHub McD, it was already 1am when I got home. A tired, frustrated bunny is not a pretty sight to behold.

With just 2 hours sleep, I drove out to JCube at 3.30am in the morning. When I reached, it was close to 4am and there were already more than 100 people in the queue. Even with all the frustration and lack of sleep, the way McD staff at JCube handled the crowd still left a smile on my face - a far cry from my experience hours ago with TradeHub. The manager at JCube bothered to move right to the back of the queue to explain that they only had limited stocks and assured everyone that they want to get this done as soon as possible. They even apologized for the long wait and thanked customers for waiting while handling out the coupons and did all these with a smile. The staff were really effective with crowd control, giving priority for entrance into the restaurant to those who are buying meals without the Hello Kitty. For those queuing for the plush, staff released them into the restaurant batch by batch, thus preventing overcrowding.

To those whining away and complaining or demanding McD to restock just because you can't get one, it's time to start thinking about others except yourself. People have queued since 9pm for the hello kitty and have even forgone their sleep while you are comfortably at home and in bed. Use your head to think about what others have been through in the process of getting the Hello Kitty! Consider the time spent on waiting and the order to arrive, as well as the $ spent on transportation! It is LIMITED EDITION for crying out loud. If you are real collectors, why would you even want McD to mass produce and cause the plush to lose exclusivity?!

Well, it's mission accomplished for me. The whole gang's here!

Full set of McDonald's Hello Kitty Fairy Tales
Update 29 Aug

My Wisdom Owl Hello Kitty is finally here! This kitty is not available in SG so I pre-ordered it from Taobao. The box is slightly crushed on it's way here but the cuteness of the owl kitty makes up for it.

The bunny posing with the Wisdom Owl Hello Kitty

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  1. Are you willing to exchange the frog hello kitty with the ugly duckling hello kitty(new)?

  2. Hi Chester,

    Thanks for the offer, but my spare frog kitty has already gone to a good home.

  3. Your boyfriend is so sweet!

  4. I'm so envious... I queued for the singing bone kitty thru the night but still couldn't get one. Any chance that you're trading/selling?

  5. Hi Jess,

    I don't have any spare singing bone kitty for trades or sale. Some of my friends are still looking for the kitty. Perhaps you can try Taobao if you don't mind that there's no box?

  6. hi jess, did u manage to get ur hands on a singing bone. i hv a sealed in box to trade. But I am looking for a witch and an oz. u have? u can contact me at