Sunday, May 12, 2013

Shiseido Perfect Gel Review

Shiseido's Perfect Gel is now available Singapore's Watsons stores so I got myself a tube as well.

The Perfect Gel is a makeup cleanser. According to the instructions at the back of the tube, the gel is supposed to dissolve makeup and you can rinse or tissue off the residue.

Pardon the crackly sticker. The tube has been sitting in my bathroom for a month or so until I decided to take it out for a review today...
The gel is white in color and turns liquid-y as it is massaged to break up the make up. It has a light refreshing scent to it that's quite pleasant.

The gel isn't at all effective at cleansing makeup for me. For this review, I put on very light makeup, i.e. BB cream and loose powder. After removing my makeup with the Perfect Gel (yes, I did massage for 2 mins as stated in the directions), there's still residue when I wiped my face with a cotton pad saturated with my cleansing oil. The gel also does not remove eye makeup. In another attempt, all the gel did was to smudge my eyeliner and mascara, and spread the sparkles from my eyeshadow to the rest of my face.

I would highly recommend to tissue off the gel if using, rather than rinsing it off as doing the latter leaves a film on the face, which I found to be particularly icky.

If you're a lazy gal like me, and like to use a single makeup remove for eyes, face and lips, SKIP this!

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