Sunday, May 26, 2013

Restoran Hainan Kitchen @ Genting

The bunny has just returned from a short trip to Genting with the folks and the bf. One of the restaurants we dined at during our trip is Hainan Kitchen, a bustling 24-hour eatery that caters to the throngs of tourists in the area. Hainan Kitchen is located at level 2, First World Plaza, just beside the casino entrance.

Restoran Hainan Kitchen's decor is an attempt to recreate a 70s coffee shop look and feel. Of course, the restaurant incorporates the casino theme as well, with stuff like mahjong tiles mounted on the wall as a decorative mural.

There was a promo for side dishes, so we decided to take up the offer and ordered the Blanched Choy Sum and Egg Foo Yong for RM 10.50++.

Both side dishes turned out to be mediocre. I'm not a fan of salty foods, but the Choy Sum is simply tasteless. Though the veggie is supposed to come with dried shrimp and garlic oil, there's no fragrance at all. As for the Egg Foo Yong, the egg was kind of dry and tough.

For mains, I got myself the Curry Chicken Rice (RM 15.80). I have to say this was probably one of the better dishes we had on the table. The curry is thick, smooth, and the spiciness was well-balanced without being overwhelming.

The bf had the Bacon Fried Rice (RM 15.30). Edible but no wows here. The dish lacked the wok flavor  of good fried rice.

Mummy chose the Lamb Chop (RM 27.30) as her main dish. The lamb was slightly overcooked which gave it a rubbery texture. We also felt that the ginger in the gravy was too powering.

Daddy's order of the Hainanese Chicken Rice (RM 15.80) was rather decent. The chicken was smooth and tender and paired with fragrant rice that was coated sparingly with oil. The chili packs a punch too.

As the human traffic flow at this restaurant is mostly heavy, especially at meal times, be prepared to wait a while for your food to be served. Restoran Hainan Kitchen charges an additional 10% for service and 6% government tax.

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