Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pre-wedding photography - The Aisle Bridal Boutique review

The bf and the bunny took up Groupon's offer on the pre-wedding shoot at The Aisle Bridal Boutique. The package is a 2-hour studio shoot and includes the wedding gown, jacket and pants for the groom, makeup and hair, and accessories at $128. Our intention was to try the services of the boutique before committing to a full package.

The boutique is located at the 1st level of Windsor Hotel while the studio is at Zervex, 8 Ubi Road.

Our 1st appointment was to choose the gown and the groom's jacket and pants. The staff that served us was friendly and allowed me to try as many gowns as I liked. The lady had a pretty good eye on the gowns that suited my body and made good recommendations. She did mention once that if we liked the pictures, we could consider to engage The Aisle for a full pre-wedding package but that was it. No hard selling.

The next appointment was at their studio at Zervex. Honestly, that place is really really difficult to find. When my GPS bleeped that I have "arrived at your destination", I couldn't figure which building it was as there was no prominent building name. In fact, the couple that was scheduled after us called the MUA halfway through my makeup as they were lost.

The MUA that attended to me, Soo Lin, was pretty helpful and chatty throughout. The makeup was on the thick side as she needed to cover my zits, which she successfully did, and I'm quite happy about. Even though this is a Groupon deal, she still paid much attention to details. For the deal, ampoules and false eyelashes are not included. Since I brought my own falsies, I paid $10 for Soo Lin to put them on. The entire makeup process took 2 hours...

Fast forward 3 weeks, today, we made a trip to Windsor Hotel again to choose our photos. The bf and I both have high standards on photography, so we were kind of disappointed with the resulting photos. Some of them looked overexposed, others held weird expressions of us. It was hard to pick 10 photos out of the 60+. On the bright side, I was expecting the hard-selling to come at this point, but there were none, nada, zilch.

The service offered at The Aisle Bridal is top-notch and I love that their staff do not hard sell. Sadly, the boutique just not fit what the bf and I had in mind for our pre-wedding shots.

To view our pics from The Aisle Boutique, click here.


  1. Who was the photographer? currently using their services (:

    1. Hi Juanna,
      Both the hubby & I really can't remember his name. Our photog was an oldish uncle if it helps!

  2. how much was the pre wedding photoshoot?