Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jap Charcoal Grill @ Rocku Yakiniku

The poster above attracted the bf as we walked passed the restaurant while shopping so we decided to hang around Bugis+ for a while longer till Rocku opens for dinner at 5.30pm. Rocku Yakiniku is located at #04-06 of Bugis+ (formerly known as Iluma).
This Jap charcoal grill restaurant has a rather impressive dinner buffet menu. When we were sat down, the staff told us that they typically serve a portion of all the items, save the rice (which can be ordered), salad, chawanmushi, soba and fruits which diners can help themselves from a buffet table.

The charcoals which the restaurant provided were white-hot, which any self-respecting BBQ-lover would know that it's the perfect coal temperature for BBQ.

The food took a while to reach us but I was quite happy with its quality. The meats were fresh and well marinated. I loved the salmon in particular because of it's freshness (no fishy odor), and the bf's fav was the strip loin which was well-marbled.

The spread
Food that we ordered 2nd helping
Clockwise from left: Salmon, Strip loin, Bacon
Halfway through the meal, the bf pointed out a startling discovery! Though the restaurant was like 60% full and with everyone BBQ-ing, there's no smell at all! It turns out that all the smoke is sucked below the charcoal stove. 

Though Rocku's concept is supposedly Japanese, there seems to be more Korean MVs playing on the wall than Japanese. There's also a live band present if you're into that.

MV on the wall
Live band
With the good food, lovely ambience and no lingering BBQ smell, you can bet that I'll be returning to Rocku soon!

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